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:boot: Bootstrap your OS X development system.


Strap is a script to bootstrap a minimal OS X development system. This does not assume you’re doing Ruby/Rails/web development but installs the minimal set of software every OS X developer will want.


  • Disables Java in Safari (for better security)
  • Enables the OS X screensaver password immediately (for better security)
  • Enables the OS X application firewall (for better security)
  • Adds a Found this computer? message to the login screen (for machine recovery)
  • Enables full-disk encryption and saves the FileVault Recovery Key to the Desktop (for better security)
  • Installs the Xcode Command Line Tools (for compilers and Unix tools)
  • Agree to the Xcode license (for using compilers without prompts)
  • Installs Homebrew (for installing command-line software)
  • Installs Homebrew Versions (for installing older versions of command-line software)
  • Installs Homebrew Bundle (for bundler-like Brewfile support)
  • Installs Homebrew Services (for managing Homebrew-installed services)
  • Installs Homebrew Cask (for installing graphical software)
  • Installs the latest OS X software updates (for better security)
  • Installs dotfiles from a user’s repository and runs script/setup to configure them.
  • Installs software from a user’s Brewfile in their repository or .Brewfile in their home directory.
  • A simple web application to set Git’s name, email and GitHub token (needs to be authorized on any organizations you wish to access)
  • Mostly idempotent (the slow bit is rerunning brew update)


Open in your web browser.

Alternatively, to run Strap locally run:

git clone
cd strap
bash bin/ # or bash bin/ --debug for more debugging output

Alternatively, to run the web application locally run:

git clone
cd strap
GITHUB_KEY="..." GITHUB_SECRET="..." ./script/server

Alternatively, to deploy to Heroku click:

Deploy to Heroku

Web Application Configuration Environment Variables

  • GITHUB_KEY: the Application Client ID..
  • GITHUB_SECRET: the Application Client Secret..
  • SESSION_SECRET: the secret used for cookie session storage.
  • WEB_CONCURRENCY: the number of Unicorn (web server) processes to run (defaults to 3).
  • STRAP_ISSUES_URL: the URL where users should file issues (defaults to
  • STRAP_BEFORE_INSTALL: instructions displayed in the web application for users to follow before installing Strap (will be wrapped in <li> tags).


Stable and in active development.

Build Status


Mike McQuaid


Strap is licensed under the MIT License. The full license text is available in LICENSE.txt.

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