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Dashboards by Keen IO

Building an analytics dashboard? Don’t start from scratch. Grab one of our Bootstrap-based templates and admire your data in minutes.

Just pick a template:

Hero Thirds Example

Plug in some data, and voilà:

Sample Dashboard

It's easy. Show your metrics how you want, without the hours spent tweaking CSS or testing for responsiveness on twelve different mobile devices.


Our goal for these assets is to be as helpful and familiar as possible, without getting in your way. To that end, these layouts are composed of a minimal set of custom styles on top of Bootstrap v3.2, covering the most common use cases and layout configurations we've encountered so far.

  • Examples for specific domains, data models and popular integrations
  • Layouts for pre-baked responsive dashboard views


These templates can work with any data source or charting library, but they're particularly streamlined to work with Keen IO's visualization toolkit. To see the Keen integration in action, create a free project on Keen and send some data to it. Then come back to your dashboard and add some charts with just a few lines of code.

You can also use this pre-populated set of demo data.


Ready to use one of these awesome layouts? Here's how to get started.

  1. Download the source. In the sidebar, is a Download Zip link. Click it to grab a copy of the repository.

  2. Choose which layout you want to start with. Navigate to layouts and select which template might best suit your needs. Once you have selected a template, navigate to your downloaded zip, unzip it using an decompression tool like 7-zip and navigate to the folder/layouts/(name of your chosen template).

  3. Start editing! In the destination folder will exist an .html file in which you can edit with your favorite text editor. There are three things you need to do to edit your dashboard:

    1. Setup: If you're a registered Keen IO user, navigate to your keen project or if you don't have a user at first, you can simply use some demo data that we've prepared for you. You can access those by going to the repository and navigating to demo-data. There, you will see some javascript files with some code in them. We will simply paste those in the .html file.
    2. Some copypasta. When you navigate to the bottom of the .html file, you can see that there are a bunch of script tags. Just before the end of the body tag, we're going to add in the code from sample.html. Simply copy and paste the code just before you see </body>
    3. Once you've done that we need to hook up the specific items within the template to the code that we've just pasted in to our file. In line 21 of sample.html, you will see a line of code: document.getElementById('chart-01'). That means that this query will try to find inside the html file a node with an id of 'chart-01'. In these templates, you will see lines of that resemble something like:
      <div class="chart-stage"> <!-- This is where you need to put the id property in! -->
      <img data-src="holder.js/100%x650/white">

      Now we're going to change those lines so that it looks like this:

      <div class="chart-stage" id="chart-01"> <!-- This is where you need to put the id property in! -->
      <!-- Get rid of that img tag! -->

      You're finished! Congratulations on setting up your first Keen chart! Repeat step three with the rest of the items in the template to complete your dashboard!


Contributions are 11,000,000% welcome! That's a lot!

Please file issues for any bugs you find or features you'd like to see. And if you're up for it, send in a pull request.

To develop, you'll need to first install dependencies using Bower:

$ npm install -g bower
$ bower install

Note: Updates to the site backed by the gh-pages branch go live immediately once pull requests are reviewed and approved.

Note #2: This project is moving fast, so make sure and stay up to date. Here's what we suggest. Fork this repo, clone the fork, and add the original repo as a remote called upstream:

$ git clone https://github.com/username/dashboards.git
$ cd dashboards
$ git remote add upstream https://github.com/keen/dashboards.git

Pull from upstream frequently to keep your local copy up to date:

$ git pull upstream gh-pages


Need a hand with something? Send us an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you right away!

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