Mr CMS is an open source C# MVC CMS Framework

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Mr CMS is an ASP.NET MVC 5 C# open source content management system and framework.

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Designed from the ground up, Mr CMS is extremely easy for both developers and content editors.

For content editors, the CMS is designed in a way that they do not need to know any HTML knowledge.

For developers, the framework allows you to create unlimited amounts of different page types, widgets and layouts. All which content editors can then administer through a simple admin interface, or through in line editing.

Developers are not limited by what they can build within Mr CMS. Mr CMS has the concept of 'Apps' which contain functionality. I.E you could write a Blog app, an eCommerce app and so forth. In other words, whilst you can have a eCommerce plugin to Wordpress, its not very scalable and not its intended purpose. Mr CMS is whatever you build it to be.

Within apps you have page types, widget types and of course logic which makes your bespoke features work.

A getting started guide will be published soon on how to start building your own apps.

Feature list

  • Unlimited document types
  • Lucene based search architecture - easily create search indexes for super fast content filtering and searching of '000's of items.
  • Layouts & Layout areas give complete control over widgets on each page
  • Bulk media upload and management
  • Azure or file based media storage
  • Inline content editing
  • Error logging
  • Task management
  • SEO - Control over meta details
  • URL History table - keep track of URL changes. When a URL changes create 301 redirect to new location
  • URL History - add URLs at will to create redirects or if importing from another system add in the original URLs here
  • Form builder - create forms on the fly and collect their data
  • Enforce user login to page
  • SSL per page
  • User management & roles
  • Document version control
  • Complete control of page meta data - I.E when creating a page type (e.g BlogPage) control what type of pages can be added below it, say weather the page can maintain url hierarchy, say how many children should show in the page tree in item (if there are 000's of pages you might only show the top 5 pages) and lots more
  • Content managed into apps
  • Themes - override standard views
  • Multi-site capability - run multiple domains through one set of files & admin system
  • ACL
  • Webpage import and export 
  • Site duplication button to duplicate a website quickly 
  • Azure support for SQL, Caching and Lucene

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