Patch iOS Apps, The Easy Way, Without Jailbreak.

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IPAPatch provide a simple way to patch iOS Apps, without needing to jailbreak.

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IPAPatch includes an template Xcode project, that provides following features:

  • Build & Run third-party ipa with your code injected

You can run your own code inside ipa file as a dynamic library. So you can change behavior of that app by utilizing Objective-C runtime.

Presented an custom alert in Youtube app

Youtube Hacked

  • Step-by-step Debugging with lldb

You can debug third-party apps like your own. For example:

  • Step-by-Step debug your code inside other app

  • Set Breakpoints

  • Print objects in Xcode console with lldb

    Debugging Youtube with Xcode

    Youtube Debugging

  • Link external frameworks

By linking existing frameworks, you can integrate third-party services to apps very easily, such as Reveal.

Inspect Youtube by linking RevealServer.framework

Youtube Integrated Reveal


  1. Clone or Download This Project

Download this project to your local disk

  1. Prepare Decrypted IPA File

The IPA file you use need to be decrypted, you can get a decrypted ipa from a jailbroken device or download it directly from an ipa download site, such as http://www.iphonecake.com

  1. Replace Placeholder IPA

Replace the IPA file located at IPAPatch/Assets/app.ipa with yours, this is a placeholder file. The filename should remain app.ipa after replacing.

  1. Place External Frameworks (Optional)

External frameworks can be placed at IPAPatch/Assets/Frameworks folder. Frameworks will be linked automatically.

For example IPAPatch/Assets/Frameworks/RevealServer.framework

  1. Configure Build Settings

    • Open IPAPatch.xcodeproj
    • In the Project Editor, Select Target IPAPatch-DummyApp
    • Display Name defaults to “

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Patch iOS Apps, The Easy Way, Without Jailbreak. ...