A rich, developer-friendly text-mode library.


Libwish is a rich, developer friendly text-mode library.

How to build

mkdir -p build/release
cd build/release
cmake ../.. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
sudo make install

Use -lwish to link against libwish.
Libwish requires terminfo, which often comes bundled with ncurses.
In that case, add -lncurses or -lcurses to the link flags as well.

Why use libwish instead of ncurses?

I have five major problems with ncurses:

  • No support for Unicode
  • No support for colors outside of pairs
  • A very limited support for 256-colors terminals
  • A terrible API (yx coordinates anyone?)
  • Full of globals and non prefixed, very short names
  • The API is fixed in stone

Libwish solves every one of these issues:

  • Full Unicode support via UTF-8, even outside of the BMP
  • Support for raw 256-colors
  • A nicer, self-contained API under the wish_ prefix
  • The API is open to changes, while safe thanks to SemVer

Of course, keep in mind that libwish is still a young project.

I want to contribute

You’re welcome.
Open an issue or a pull request if you already have some code, and we will try to improve the project together.


Libwish is available under the MIT License.


Libwish was created by Maxime Bacoux “Nax”.

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A rich, developer-friendly text-mode library. ...