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Vue-cli 3 plugin to generate a vue neutronium project allowing development in the browser, using live-reload on a C# application, and build to neutronium compatible scripts.


  • Neutronium version:

    • Option 1.3 and 1.4 (default)

    • Important: for version superior to 1.4 local files should be referenced using the pack uri syntax.

  • Use root vm plugin:

  • Use vue router:

  • Use internalization:

    • default: false
    • convert .Net .resx file into json files and configure vue-i18n to use them
    • Addition information needed for this option:
    • Resource file name
    • Project namespace
    • Path to C# project (default to namespace)
    • library name (default to namespace)
    • locales to be used


npm run serve

Debug application in the browser.

npm run live

Serve the page for live-reload mode of Neutronium application.

npm run build

Build the application.


Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add neutronium

Injected webpack-chain Rules

No Changes are performed

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