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Read/sync your IMAP mailboxes [Python]


“Get the emails where you need them.”

Official offlineimap.


OfflineIMAP is software that downloads your email mailbox(es) as local Maildirs. OfflineIMAP will synchronize both sides via IMAP.

IMAP’s main downside is that you have to trust your email provider to not lose your email. While certainly unlikely, it’s not impossible. With OfflineIMAP, you can download your Mailboxes and make you own backups of your Maildir.

This allows reading your email offline without the need for your mail reader (MUA) to support IMAP operations. Need an attachment from a message without internet connection? No problem, the message is still there.

Project status and future

As one of the maintainer of OfflineIMAP, I’d like to put my efforts into imapfw. imapfw is software in development that I intend to replace OfflineIMAP with in the long term.

That’s why I’m not going to continue OfflineIMAP development. I’ll continue to maintain OfflineIMAP (fixing small bugs, reviewing patches and merging, and rolling out new releases), but that’s all.

While I keep tracking issues for OfflineIMAP, you should not expect future support.

You won’t be left at the side. OfflineIMAP’s community is large enough so that you’ll find people for most of your issues.

Get news from the blog.

                             Nicolas Sebrecht. ,-)


GNU General Public License v2.

Why should I use OfflineIMAP?

  • It is fast.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is flexible.
  • It is safe.


You should first check if your distribution already packages OfflineIMAP for you. Downloads releases as tarball or zipball.

Feedbacks and contributions

The user discussions, development, announcements and all the exciting stuff take place on the mailing list. While not mandatory to send emails, you can subscribe here.

Bugs, issues and contributions can be requested to both the mailing list or the official Github project. Provide the following information: - system/distribution (with version) - offlineimap version (offlineimap -V) - Python version - server name or domain - CLI options - Configuration file (offlineimaprc) - pythonfile (if any) - Logs, error - Steps to reproduce the error

The community

Requirements & dependencies

  • Python v2.7+
  • Python v3.4+ (experimental: see known issues)
  • six (required)
  • imaplib2 >= 2.55 (optional)


All current and updated documentation is on the community’s website.

Read documentation locally

You might want to read the documentation locally. Get the sources of the website. For the other documentation, run the appropriate make target:

$ ./scripts/ website
$ cd docs
$ make html  # Requires rst2html
$ make man   # Requires a2x (
$ make api   # Requires sphinx

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