# omnisharp-scaffolding

A community project to provide a full-featured scaffolding experience for cross-platform .NET development via a command-line interface (CLI).


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What is OmniSharp Scaffolding

OmniSharp Scaffolding is a CLI that is capable of enabling dynamic asset scaffolding for cross-platform development. Some examples include:

  • Generating an Entity Framework DbContext
  • Generating MVC and API controllers for CRUD operations based on an existing Entity Framework DbContext.
  • Generate MVC views for CRUD operations based on an existing Entity Framework context

Why not Yeoman?

Yeoman is an excellent tool for generating static assets such as boilerplate and starter code, but it lacks the ability to reflect the type system of a .NET project. While we love and use Yeoman nearly every day, it just isn’t the right tool for generating assets dynamically through reasoning about a code base and understanding its object hierarchy.

These scaffolding tools are meant to suplement Yeoman generators, not replace them.

Goals and Objectives

Our long term goals and objectives include the following:

  • Maintain feature parity with the scaffolding capabilities included in Visual Studio (full version).
  • Provide an extensibility story that is easy to use, similiar to the customization afforded .NET projects in the past through T4 templating.
  • Provide extensions for popular editors, such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text


We welcome any and all contributors that would like to help. Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING document for more information.

Building OmniSharp Scaffolding

This project is currently using condo: a cross-platform build, test, and packaging system for DNX-based projects. Once you have cloned the repository, you can build the project using the commands below:


# with code coverage results
condo --coverage default

# without code coverage results

Note: code coverage results are only available on Windows. We are not currently aware of any cross-platform code coverage tools for dnx-based projects.

OS X and Linux


Copyright and License

© OmniSharp Team and contributors. Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.