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Zeppelin, a framework to build secure smart contracts on Ethereum

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Zeppelin Solidity

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Zeppelin is a library for writing secure Smart Contracts on Ethereum.

With Zeppelin, you can build distributed applications, protocols and organizations:

NOTE: New to smart contract development? Check our introductory guide.

Getting Started

Zeppelin integrates with Truffle, an Ethereum development environment. Please install Truffle and initialize your project with truffle init.

npm install -g [email protected]
mkdir myproject && cd myproject
truffle init

To install the Zeppelin library, run:

truffle install zeppelin

After that, you'll get all the library's contracts in the installed_contracts folder. You can use the contracts in the library like so:

import 'zeppelin/ownership/Ownable.sol';

contract MyContract is Ownable {


Zeppelin is meant to provide secure, tested and community-audited code, but please use common sense when doing anything that deals with real money! We take no responsibility for your implementation decisions and any security problem you might experience.

If you find a security issue, please email [email protected].

Developer Resources

Building a distributed application, protocol or organization with Zeppelin?

Interested in contributing to Zeppelin?

Collaborating organizations and audits by Zeppelin

among others...


Code released under the MIT License.

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