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My code from the bootcamp.

My Work From FreeCodeCamp

This repository is not for an app but more as a journal where I keep a record of everything I have done and learned from FreeCodeCamp. I decided to use a wiki as I can put more information easily on it. You will find the code easily on the directories, and more information on the wiki section

I will try to keep everything updated. Please keep in mind that this started as a journal and so I have kept the code as it was when I solved the original challenges. This means that I did not re-write them with more advance techniques or improved on them but instead leave them as is until the problems are updated and they need thus the solution needs to be updated too.

If you are also part of the camp or would like to contribute in any way then feel free to contact me. The purpose of this is for reference and learning material overall, for everyone as it is public. If you encounter a solution that no longer works then please open an issue so that I can work on it. While I do not accept solutions from other people for this repo, feel free to send pull request with fixes to typos or better explanations and examples. Shortly after I started this wiki, I became part of FreeCodeCamp and manage the wiki there, so if you want updated solutions with more advance solutions you will find them there instead.

If you find this useful then follow and start it, feel free to share it also.

If you want to contribute to the repo in general with fixes such as typos, better explanations or anything other than replacing my code solutions then follow this guide. How To Contribute To The Repository.

Contact me

Rafael Rodriguez


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  • The Wiki
  • The Project page Feel free to share it.

Code Status:

I’m thinking about working on the Data Visualization before I work on the dynamic web apps. This means learning sass, D3, react

Wiki Status:

I have done everything that I completed codewise, so i will be working in sync with the coding part..


  1. HTML5 and CSS
  2. Responsive Design with Bootstrap
  3. jQuery
  4. Basic JavaScript
  5. Object Oriented and Functional Programming
  6. Basic Algorithm Scripting
  7. Basic Front End Development Projects
  8. Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
  9. Upper Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
  10. Automated Testing and Debugging
  11. Advanced Algorithm Scripting
  12. Angular.js
  13. Git
  14. Gear up for Success
  15. Get Started with Free Code Camp
  16. Intermediate Front End Development Projects
  17. Node.js and Express.js
  18. MongoDB
  19. API Projects


  1. Dynamic Web Applications
  2. Data Visualization Certification
  3. Full Stack Development Certification
  4. Coding Interview Preparation

Contribute to my wiki.

If you would like to contribute then feel free to clone, fork, create a branch, add or edit content and submit a pull request to this repo then I will check it out and merge it. Then push it to the live wiki. This also could serve as a repo for only the wiki if you want to keep your own but do not want to also clone my code.

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