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This is a very exclusive collection of only must-have JavaScript links. I’m only listing my favorite links. Nothing else makes the cut. Feel free to suggest links if you think they’re truly essential.

Full Disclosure

Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase, I might earn a little money. This has absolutely no bearing on whether or not links make the list. None, whatsoever. However, it does allow me more resources to fight poverty with code. Every little bit counts.

Required Reading (Online resources)

Required Viewing


  • FreeCodeCamp Learn to build apps & work on not-for-profit projects. #exercises
  • LearnRx #exercises


  • ES5 Spec An annotated, hyperlinked version of the ES5 spec
  • ES6 Spec ECMAScript® 2015 Language Specification


Dev tools & collaboration

  • nvm First install this…
  • Node Then install Node (with nvm). You’ll need this even if you’re a front-end dev.
  • npm Install lots of other things with npm. The package manager for JavaScript. Comes with Node.
  • Atom Nice, hackable editor by GitHub.
  • Node Inspector Debug Node code with the Chrome debug tools --save-live-edit true
  • TraceGL Powerful runtime analysis of live JavaScript code
  • Tern Static analysis in JavaScript
  • JSDoc Pair with Tern for static analysis
  • Slate Generate beautiful API docs for your apps
  • Slack Chat for teams, with GitHub and Google hangouts integration
  • Gitter Like Slack, but better for OSS projects and free chat.
  • Airety Better developer interviews via pair programming.
  • PrettyDiff
  • Babel Repl The Babel REPL with compiled output
  • Nitrous.IO Online IDE in the cloud with collaboration & Docker containers
  • Koding Online cloud development platform with video & audio collaboration


Testing / Lint / Quality checkers


  • Babel Transpile ES2015 (ES6), ES7 to ES5, JSX to React.
  • TypeScript TypeScript’s structural types are worth a look, but I don’t use it.
  • Emscripten Frequently used for C/C++ JavaScript ports.
  • ES6 tools Addy Osmani’s ES6 Tools list.

JavaScript environments

  • Node.js Server side JavaScript and more


  • JavaScript repos ranked by popularity. #code
  • es5-shim Stable, production ready. #code
  • es6-shim Somewhat stable, but a few things I thought were solid got shifted to ES7. #code
  • es7-shim Experimental. Use with caution. #code
  • HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills A fairly comprehensive list of HTML5 API polyfills. #code
  • Deep Freeze Deep freeze objects. #code
  • HTML5 Boilerplate You’ll want to cherry-pick the best of this for your production apps. See Initializr #code
  • UpUp Make sure your site works even when your user is offline. #code
  • cf-package A Cloverfield scaffold that generates new modules (npm packages) complete with npm scripts and useful boilerplate. #code
  • The Universal React Boilerplate Write apps using the same code for both the client and the server using Node, Express, and Browserify. #code
  • NodeGoat Identify security vulnerabilities in your Node apps. #code
  • lightning.js Async fetch load 3rd party JS & expose a promise API. #code
  • native-promise-only An ECMAScript standard promise polyfill by Kyle Simpson. #code
  • isomorphic-fetch A WHATWG fetch. standard polyfill. #code
  • sseasy Server Sent Events for Node (HTML5 standard push notifications). #code
  • EventSource browser Polyfill Required client-side patching to support Server Sent Events. #code
  • TodoMVC A showcase implementing many MV* libraries/frameworks using a standardized demo app (for easy comparisons). #code
  • jQuery Most popular JS lib by a landslide. #code
  • React What do Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and PayPal have in common? React. #code
  • Cycle.js Like React, but more functional & reactive #code
  • Lodash-FP Like Underscore, but much faster, and featuring a more expressive API. #code
  • RxJS Reactive extensions for JavaScript. What’s reactive? #code
  • Page.js Tiny client-side router, inspired by Express. #code
  • Moment A lightweight JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates. #code
  • Globalize i18n / translate your app for many languages and locations (locales). #code
  • dotenv Easily manage environment variables #code
  • Leaflet Interactive map UIs made easy. #code
  • Lusca Secure your Express application. By the Kraken team at PayPal.
  • Express The most popular framework for Node. #code
  • Stampit Create objects from reusable, composable behaviors. Prototypal inheritance with stamps. #code
  • Credential If you write Node apps with password logins, you need Credential. #code
  • node-jsonwebtoken Easy JSON Web Token auth. #code
  • cuid GUIDs are broken - use cuid, instead. #code
  • velocity & Velocity Motion Designer (VMD) UI animation library. #code
  • is-my-json-valid A fast json-schema validator. #code
  • is-express-schema-valid is-my-json-valid as Express middleware for req.body req.query and req.params. #code
  • inquirer.js Great library for building CLI tools. #code
  • rimraf rm -rf util for nodejs. Great for npm scripts. #code
  • Open Source VR Tools #code
  • IoT.js An Internet of Things JavaScript platform.


Relay & GraphQL

Web Components

QA / Deployment / Monitoring / CI

  • PM2 Process monitoring / self repair
  • Pingdom Response monitoring and alert management (because incidents happen).
  • New Relic Deep insights into the performance and health of your production apps
  • Sauce Labs Cross platform web application testing with great collaboration and integration support
  • Travis CI CI, of course
  • Docker Run your CI process using the same OS configs as your production systems.
  • Shippable Docker-based hosted build / CI
  • Tensō A thin API facade in Node
  • Kong API/microservice extension and management layer, centralize auth, cache, logging, rate limiting, etc… plugins in Lua );



Pasting / sharing code


Hackable Hardware


For kids (and adults who just love to have fun)

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