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PaperOnboarding is a material design slider


Paper Onboarding for Android

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This project is maintained by Ramotion, Inc.
We specialize in the designing and coding of custom UI for Mobile Apps and Websites.

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The Android mockup available here.


​ - Android 5.0 Lollipop (API lvl 21) or greater - Your favorite IDE


​ Just download the package from here and add it to your project classpath, or just use the maven repo: ​ Gradle:



libraryDependencies += "com.ramotion.paperonboarding" % "paper-onboarding" % "1.1.0"



Basic usage

Paper Onboarding is a simple and easy to use onboarding slider for your app. You just need to provide content for each slider page - a main icon, text, and small round icon for the bottom.

1 Use PaperOnboardingPage to prepare your data for slider:

PaperOnboardingPage scr1 = new PaperOnboardingPage("Hotels",
	"All hotels and hostels are sorted by hospitality rating",
        Color.parseColor("#678FB4"),, R.drawable.key);
PaperOnboardingPage scr2 = new PaperOnboardingPage("Banks",
	"We carefully verify all banks before add them into the app",
        Color.parseColor("#65B0B4"), R.drawable.banks, R.drawable.wallet);
PaperOnboardingPage scr3 = new PaperOnboardingPage("Stores",
	"All local stores are categorized for your convenience",
        Color.parseColor("#9B90BC"), R.drawable.stores, R.drawable.shopping_cart);

ArrayList<PaperOnboardingPage> elements = new ArrayList<>();

2 Create a fragment from PaperOnboardingFragment and provide your data.

PaperOnboardingFragment onBoardingFragment = PaperOnboardingFragment.newInstance(elements);

3 Done! Now you can use this fragment as you want in your activity, for example :

FragmentTransaction fragmentTransaction = fragmentManager.beginTransaction();
fragmentTransaction.add(, onBoardingFragment);

4 Extra step : You can add event listeners to fragments with your logic, like replacing this fragment to another when the user swipes next from the last screen:

onBoardingFragment.setOnRightOutListener(new PaperOnboardingOnRightOutListener() {
    public void onRightOut() {
        FragmentTransaction fragmentTransaction = fragmentManager.beginTransaction();
        Fragment bf = new BlankFragment();
        fragmentTransaction.replace(, bf);

Currently, there are three listeners that cover all events - onRightOut, onLeftOut and onChange; see code examples and usage in the repo.


​ Paper onboarding is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details. ​

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PaperOnboarding is a material design slider ...

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