Epitech - Tech 2 - PSU_2013_zappy

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Zappy is an Epitech project. The last one of the 2nd year. We have to develop a server and 2 kinds of clients. One client for "player" (an AI) and one client for watching the world (graphic client). The server must be robust and never quit as most as possible.

The group

To develop this project we make the following student group.

Marie Lefebvre (lefebv_z)

She has developed the « world » part. She has used Irrlicht as 3D engine in C++.

Barthélémy Delemotte (delemo_b)

He has developed the AI with Pelayo Parejopagador (parejo_p) in Python.

Pelayo Parejopagador (parejo_p)

He has developed the AI with Barthélémy Delemotte (delemo_b) in Python.

Damien Sauvalle (sauval_d)

He has developed the server side with Nicolas Svirchevsky (svirch_n) in C.

Nicolas Svirchevsky

He has developed the server side with Damien Sauvalle (sauval_d) in C.

Raphel De Freitas (defrei_r)

He has developed the library « libzappy » to abstract the zappy protocol and network in C. He has developed the « remote » side of the server and the binary in C.

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