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Red5 Server core

red5-server - Red5 server core

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Red5 is an Open Source Flash Server written in Java that supports:

  • Streaming Video (FLV, F4V, MP4, 3GP)
  • Streaming Audio (MP3, F4A, M4A, AAC)
  • Recording Client Streams (FLV and AVC+AAC in FLV container)
  • Shared Objects
  • Live Stream Publishing
  • Remoting
  • Protocols: RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPS, and RTMPE

Additional features supported via plugin:

The Red5 users list may be found here: red5interest

Subreddit: r/red5

Automatic builds (Courtesy of Apache OpenMeetings): * Red5 * Windows Installer


Red5 1.0.8 Release (23 December 2016)

Tarball & ZIP

Red5 1.0.7 Release (12 May 2016)

Tarball & ZIP

Red5 1.0.6 Release (8 September 2015)

Tarball & ZIP


Previous releases

Note on Bootstrap

The bootstrap and shutdown classes have been moved to the red5-service project; the dependency has been added to this projects pom.


If you want answers from a broader audience, Stack Overflow may be your best bet.


Releases are available at Sonatype - Releases

Snapshots are available at Sonatype - Snapshots

Include the red5-parent in your pom.xml in the dependencyManagement section


in addition to any other Red5 projects in the dependencies section


Build from Source

To build the red5 jars, execute the following on the command line:

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install

This will create the jars in the “target” directory of the workspace; this will also skip the unit tests.

To package everything up in an assembly (tarball/zip):

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean package -P assemble

To build a milestone tarball:

mvn -Dmilestone.version=1.0.7-M1 clean package -Pmilestone


  1. Create the eclipse project files, execute this within red5-server directory. sh mvn eclipse:eclipse
  2. Import the project into Eclipse.
  3. Access the right-click menu and select “Configure” and then “Convert to Maven Project”.
  4. Now the project will build automatically, if you have the maven plugin installed.


Older Releases

The artifacts for the following releases are no longer available; if your project requires them, you’ll have to build them from source. The listings are here only for historical purposes.

  • Red5 1.0.5 Release (7 February 2015)
  • Red5 1.0.4 Release (26 December 2014)
  • Red5 1.0.3 Release (5 August 2014)
  • Red5 1.0.2 Release (9 April 2014)
  • Red5 1.0.2 Snapshot (18 April 2013)
  • Red5 1.0.1 Final (14 January 2013)
  • Red5 1.0 Final (03 December 2012)
  • Red5 0.9.1 Final (21 February 2010)
  • Red5 0.9.0 Final (27 January 2010)
  • Red5 0.8.0 Final


Donate to the cause using

Donations are used for beer and snacks

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-   v1.0.8-M12 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M11 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M10 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M9 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M8 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M7 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M6 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M5 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M4 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M3 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M2 zip tar
-   v1.0.8-M1 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-SNAPSHOT zip tar
-   v1.0.7-RELEASE zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M10 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M9 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M8 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M7 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M6 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M5 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M4 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M3 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M2 zip tar
-   v1.0.7-M1 zip tar
-   v1.0.6-RELEASE zip tar
-   v1.0.5-RELEASE zip tar
-   v1.0.4-RELEASE zip tar
-   v1.0.3-RELEASE zip tar
-   v1.0.2-RELEASE zip tar
-   v1.0.2-M1 zip tar