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HelpMeBuild is a small sideproject that aims to collect all the awesome builder that will help people to make websites, logos, apps, mockups and everything else. Most of these tools offer an intuitive interface that you can use to build your project.

You can use the header navigation to filter the list of tools available the site. We also give you the option to search and filter the result by bringing out the sidebar by clicking on the top left filter icon.

I could not have done with project without the awesome folks at CodyHouse and Codrops, who introduced me to all these awesome resources like CSS Content Filter, CSS Animated Headlines, Animated Background Headers, Social Icons by Stephen Burgess

My name is Saijo George. I work as an SEO Consultant in Melbourne, Australia for Envato, on sites like ThemeForest, VideoHive, etc

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Want to get in touch? Look me up on Twitter or LinkedIn

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