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How to Make a Computer Operating System in C++

2 years after Apache-2.0

How to Make a Computer Operating System

Online book about how to write a computer operating system in C/C++ from scratch.

Caution: This repository is a remake of my old course. It was written several years ago as one of my first projects when I was in High School, I'm still refactoring some parts. The original course was in French and I'm not an English native. I'm going to continue and improve this course in my free-time.

Book: An online version is available at (PDF, Mobi and ePub). It was generated using GitBook.

Source Code: All the system source code will be stored in the src directory. Each step will contain links to the different related files.

Contributions: This course is open to contributions, feel free to signal errors with issues or directly correct the errors with pull-requests.

Questions: Feel free to ask any questions by adding issues or commenting sections.

You can follow me on Twitter @SamyPesse or GitHub.

What kind of OS are we building?

The goal is to build a very simple UNIX-based operating system in C++, not just a "proof-of-concept". The OS should be able to boot, start a userland shell, and be extensible.


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