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Semantic Docs

This folder contains the templates used to generate the static website for learnsemantic.com

How to Use

To install DocPad, the static site generator used to create the html for the site.

npm install -g docpad
docpad install eco;
docpad update; docpad upgrade;

Generating SUI for Docs

Before running server you will need to build your UI files for the docs. Semantic UI includes a special command to build files for a docs instance that must be run from an adjacent Semantic UI folder.

# assumes ./docs and ./ui for default paths, run from ./ui
gulp build-docs

The default location for build-docs is an adjacent folder with the name docs/. The command must be run from your UI folder and not from the docs folder.

To configure a different docs location modify tasks/docs.json

Running Server

You can then start your docs server (and generate docs) using:

docpad run

To watch for changes from your ui folder to serve to your docs instance

gulp serve-docs

Help Fix Typos and Errors

If you find any typos or mistakes, submitting a fix is easy!

Open the documents folder on GitHub, click the edit button on the appropriate page. Then click to submit a pull request.

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