Hosts pre-release version of library and documentation

Semantic Build Status

Semantic is a UI Component library implemented using a set of specifications designed around natural language.

Semantic UI is under constant development, so be sure to check out our release notes for recent changes.

Community contributed plugins and ports for Wordpress, Angular, Dart, Knockout, Rails, and more can be found on the Integration page.

Project Status

Semantic is being reworked for a 1.0 release

Semantic may still be officially ‘pre-release’, but is already used in production in large sites like Quirky and The New Republic

Although the pre-release branch 0.x.x is actively being maintained, most important features like better theming support, and new components will land in 1.0.

Beta documentation are available at for testers and early adopters. Beta channel is currently available in branch 1.0

Check out this GitHub Issue thread for progress updates on 1.0 development.


Right-to-Left (RTL Version)

Special RTL versions are maintained with the Arabic translation of Semantic.

  • سيمانتك يو آي - الإصدار العربي - GitHub - Website
Additional Translations

We need people who can contribute to translations of Semantic UI’s documentation.

Please reach out by e-mail if you can help.

Getting Started

The Semantic library describes many UI elements. In most instances it might be best to build a custom build with only the elements you need.

To download the entire library

git clone [email protected]:Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI.git

If you prefer to download the whole kit as a zip, it is so conveniently packaged.

CDN Resources

Semantic is also available from CDN * Hosted on cdnjs * Hosted on JSDelivr * BootCDN (Chinese)

Learn More

If you want to keep track of development, please join our google group

Bugs and Issues

Semantic UI is production ready, but is “pre-release” until build and theming tools are available, and documentation is complete for all components.

Please share any issues you may have. We need your help to get all the kinks out.

If you are reporting a bug you must create a test-case. You can fork this jsfiddle to get you started or this fiddle for 1.0 branch.

If you need help, come hang out in #semantic-ui on Click here to use webchat.

Browser Support

  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE (aka 10+), Safari
  • IE 9+ (Browser prefix only)
  • Android 3
  • Blackberry 10

Reaching Out

If you’d like to start a conversation about Semantic feel free to reach out by e-mail [email protected]


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Hosts pre-release version of library and documentation ...