A unix-like toy kernel.

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OS67 is a unix-like toy kernel, which comes with some user routines. (x86 based)


Build requirements

Platform: Linux

  • make
  • nasm
  • gcc
  • binutils(ld, objcopy)
  • mkfs
  • bochs

How to compile

git clone https://github.com/LastAvenger/OS67.git
cd OS67
make init   # only for first time
make fs     # build root file system and user routines, root privilege required
make        # build kernel
make run    # run with bochs

Syscalls list

int _fork();
int _exit();
int _wait();
int _pipe(int *fd);
int _read(int fd, char *addr, uint32_t n);
int _kill(int pid);
int _exec(char *path, char **argv);
int _fstat(int fd, struct stat *stat);
int _chdir(char *path);
int _dup(int fd);
int _getpid();
int _sleep(uint32_t sec);
int _uptime();
int _open(char *path, uint32_t mode);
int _write(int fd, char *addr, uint32_t n);
int _mknod(char *path, uint32_t di);
int _unlink(char *path);
int _link(char *old, char *new);
int _mkdir(char *path);
int _close(int fd);

User routines list

  • sh: a simple shell, support IO redirect and pipe
  • ls: list files
  • cat: read from stdin and send it to stdout
  • mkdir: make directory
  • rm: remove file
  • ...

Write youself a user routine

  • add a new file in usr/: touch usr/newroutine.c
  • add a new value to UPROGS variable in Makefile as follow:
- UPROGS =  bin/cinit bin/sh bin/cat bin/ls bin/mkdir bin/rm
+ UPROGS =  bin/cinit bin/sh bin/cat bin/ls bin/mkdir bin/rm bin/newroutine
  • in newroutine.c you can use these header files:
    • usys.h: system call interfaces
    • uio.h: basic input output functions
    • string.h: basic string operate functions
  • make fs && make run then you can run your user routine

Bug report

See Issues · LastAvenger/OS67

Please paste the kernel logs in the issue.

Uncomment macro __LOG_ON as follow to enable logging of specific file:

- // #define __LOG_ON 1
+ #define __LOG_ON 1


GNU General Public License Version 3


Thanks to

Just for fun.

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