electron-vue 0,5

An Electron & Vue.js quick start boilerplate that uses vue-cli, common plugins, electron-packager, and webpack.

The boilerplate for making electron apps built with vue (pretty much what it sounds like).

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The aim of this project is to remove the need of manually setting up electron apps using vue. electron-vue takes advantage of vue-cli for scaffolding, webpack and vue-loader, and some of the most used plugins like vue-router, vuex, and more.

Check out the documentation here.

Things you’ll find in this boilerplate… * Support for both Vue.js at 2.x.x and 1.x.x* * Basic project structure * Detailed documentation * Project scaffolding using vue-cli * Ready to use Vue plugins (vue-electron, vue-resource, vue-router, vuex)* * Installed vue-devtools and devtron tools for development * Ability to easily package your electron app using electron-packager * Handy NPM scripts * Use of webpack and vue-loader with Hot Module Replacement * HTML/CSS/JS pre-processor support with vue-loader * ES6 with stage-0 by default * ESLint (with support for standard and airbnb-base)*

*Customizable during vue-cli scaffolding

Getting Started

This boilerplate was built as a template for vue-cli and includes options to customize your final scaffolded app. The use of node v5.10.0 or higher is required as certain ES2015 are used in dependencies and scripts. But the use of 6.x is recommended for its extra performance benefits.

# Install vue-cli and scaffold boilerplate
npm install -g vue-cli
vue init simulatedgreg/electron-vue my-project

# Install dependencies and run your app
cd my-project
npm install
npm run dev

Next Steps

Make sure to take a look at the documentation. Here you will find useful information about configuration, project structure, and building your app. There’s also a handy FAQs section.


Wanting to submit a pull request? Make sure to read this first.

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