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~helm-github-stars~ provides capabilities to fetch your starred repositories from github and select one for browsing.

** Requirements - Emacs >= 24.4 - [[http://melpa.org/#/helm][Helm]] >= 1.6.8

** Installation *** MELPA ~helm-github-stars~ is available on [[http://melpa.milkbox.net/][Melpa]]: #+BEGIN_SRC M-x package-install helm-github-stars #+END_SRC

*** Manual Drop ~helm-github-stars.el~ in your ~load-path~: #+BEGIN_SRC elisp (add-to-list ‘load-path “/path/to/helm-github-stars”) (require ‘helm-github-stars) #+END_SRC

** Usage To show your starred repositories: #+BEGIN_SRC M-x helm-github-stars #+END_SRC

*** Setup your username #+BEGIN_SRC elisp (setq helm-github-stars-username “USERNAME”) #+END_SRC

*** Cache At the first execution of ~helm-github-stars~, list of repositories is fetched from github and saved into a cache file.

To refresh cache and open helm interface run: #+BEGIN_SRC M-x helm-github-stars-fetch #+END_SRC

The default cache location is ~$HOME/.emacs.d/hgs-cache~, you can customize this path: #+BEGIN_SRC elisp (setq helm-github-stars-cache-file “/cache/path”) #+END_SRC

*** Update the cache file automatically Besides runing ~helm-github-stars-fetch~ to update the cache file manually, you can also do it automatically while runing ~helm-github-stars~ by customizing ~helm-github-stars-refetch-time~, for example, refresh the cache file once it is older than 0.5 days (i.e., 12 hours): #+BEGIN_SRC elisp (setq helm-github-stars-refetch-time 0.5) #+END_SRC

*** Align repositories’s description For a clean look, repositories’s description is aligned by default, you can customize this behavior via ~helm-github-stars-name-length~, it’s default value is ~30~. You can disable this by setting ~helm-github-stars-name-length~ to ~nil~: #+BEGIN_SRC elisp (setq helm-github-stars-name-length nil) #+END_SRC

*** Private repositories If you want to be able to show your private repositories, customize ~helm-github-stars-token~ then call ~helm-github-stars-fetch~ or ~helm-github-stars~.

** Run tests Move into repository’s root directory and run: #+BEGIN_SRC shell cask install cask exec ert-runner #+END_SRC

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Browse your starred repositories in Emacs helm interface ...

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