An inhouse app server for both iOS and Android.

Enkan 円環 圆环

A server to serve inhouse apps continuously to front-side developers.


  • During development, native app developers need to continuously deliver latest app to front-side developers.
  • However, it takes time for front-side developers to learn XCODE or Android Studio. And most important thing is, not every company are rich enough to provide an Mac to every developer.
  • That’s why Enkan is the one to save the world.

Who are the target audiences?

CI Teams in each company


It has three parts: * enkan api server /start.js: This is the API server of Enkan, which includes APIs to publish apps, download apps, list apps and remove apps. * web pages /front: This is the app download page. For iOS, it uses itms:// to serve inhouse apps. For android, it displays just a download link for each app. * app uploader tester /test/: This is a sample download cli command to upload app to api server.

How to run?

1. build /front

Go to /front, and run:

npm install && npm install -g webpack && npm install -g webpack-dev-server

npm run build

This will start to compile front js into a bundle.

2. run api server

Go to /, and run npm install && npm start

3. Access

The web page’s url is http://localhost:3000/front

The api access starts with http://localhost:3000/api/XXXXXXXXX, to know more, you can refer to app.js.

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An inhouse app server for both iOS and Android. ...