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A curated list of delightful Laravel PHP framework packages and resources

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Awesome Laravel

A curated list of delightful Laravel PHP framework packages and resources. Inspired by other awesome lists.


  • DuckDuckGo Packagist Search - Search for Laravel packages from DuckDuckGo by including 'packagist' as first search term. [06/29/2015]
  • Laravel Collective - Maintainers of components removed from core Laravel framework, including annotations, remote (SSH), and forms/HTML.
  • Packagist - Official directory of Laravel (and other Composer-installable) packages.
  • Packalyst - Directory of Laravel packages (semi-official).
  • Packanalyst - Search engine and source-code browser for any PHP class, interface, or trait in Packagist.

Admin Tools/Panels

  • Backpack for Laravel - Set of modular packages for building admin interfaces for Laravel based on Admin LTE. [10/01/2016]
  • Laralum - Simple admin panel with database CRUD support and built-in support for Laravel Auth. [09/06/2016]
  • Laravel Admin - Provides a new Artisan admin command set for generation and management of administration routes, controllers, views, and configuration. [08/30/2016]
  • Laravel Admin Panel - Laravel tool for managing users, roles, permissions, and CRUD generation. [04/12/2016]
  • Laravel Administrator - An administrative interface builder for Laravel that allows you to visually manage your Eloquent models and their relations and create stand-alone settings pages for storing site data and performing site tasks.

Algorithms/Data Structures

  • Baum - An implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Laravel 4's Eloquent ORM.
  • HashIDs - Laravel wrapper for the HashIDs tool to generate short, unique hashes for any integer (e.g., surrogate key ID).


  • Active Directory LDAP Authentication - LDAP authentication package for Active Directory. [07/27/2015]
  • Bouncer - Powerful package for handling roles and abilities in the Laravel ACL. [07/27/2016]
  • Captcha - An anti-bot image captcha system written by Frederick Brennan and ported to Laravel for Infinity Next by Joshua Moon.
  • Captcha - Captcha for Laravel 5 - An anti-bot image captcha system.
  • Confide - An authentication solution for Laravel with features like account creation, login, logout, confirmation by e-mail, password reset, etc.
  • Dingo - Laravel package/API for using JWT Authentication. [11/06/2015]
  • EasyAdmin - An advanced Laravel login and user management package with support for two-factor authentication. [03/26/2016]
  • Eloquent OAuth - Easy-to-use package for OAuth authentication in Laravel 4.
  • jwt-auth - JSON Web Token authentication package for Laravel. [06/11/2015]
  • Laravel ACL - Lightweight role-based permissions system for Laravel 5's built-in Auth system. [06/15/2016]
  • LDAP-Auth - Very basic read-only LDAP authentication driver for Laravel 5.1+. [11/23/2015]
  • Libsodium for Laravel - Laravel package wrapper for the libsodium library which allows it to be a drop-in replacement for the Laravel native encryption and hashing classes/services. [09/14/2015]
  • OAuth-4-Laravel - Laravel package wrapper for PHPoAuthLib with support for OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 providers.
  • OAuth-5-Laravel - Laravel 5.x package wrapper for PHPoAuthLib with support for OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 providers. [07/20/2015]
  • PropAuth - Package that supports property-based security policy evaluation. See tutorial here. [01/04/2015]
  • Purifier - HTMLPurifier for Laravel 5 - HTML filter
  • Roles - Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel. [07/16/2015]
  • Sentinel - Fully-featured, framework-agnostic (works great with Laravel!) authentication and authorization system. (Successor to Cartalyst's Sentry library.) [07/02/2015]
  • SleepingOwl Admin - An administrative interface builder for Laravel models that supports customization. [04/27/2015]
  • Socialite Providers - Collection of 70+ OAuth 1 and 2 provider packages for Socialite package. [05/15/2015]
  • URL Signer - Improve Laravel security by creating URLs with limited lifetime (similar to AWS signed URLs). [08/16/2015]

Boilerplate/Customized Configurations

  • Acacha adminlte-laravel - A Laravel 5 package that switches default Laravel scaffolding/boilerplate to AdminLTE template with Bootstrap 3.0 and Pratt Landing Page. [02/02/2016]
  • Base Laravel Admin - A basic Laravel 4.x install with a admin site/dashboard using Bootstrap 3. [04/13/2015]
  • Bootstrapper for Laravel - Laravel package that provides fluent interface for using Bootstrap CSS framework in Laravel. [11/09/2015]
  • esensi - Laravel boilerplate application with enhancements for loaders and models.
  • Hexavel - Restructured version of Laravel framework to provide streamlined workflows and simplify development process. [12/30/2015]
  • HTG Laravel - Basic Laravel boilerplate with AdminLTE focused on rapid prototyping. [07/28/2016]
  • L4 Core - Laravel 4 application boilerplate built from author's other packages; includes Bootstrap. [06/11/2015]
  • Laracogs - Package that includes helpers for Bootstrap, CRUD, notifications, billing via Cashier, and form generation. [04/26/2016]
  • LaraLTE2 - Laravel PHP Framework with AdminLTE2 and other packages and JavaScript tools. [06/04/2016]
  • LaraProto - Laravel web site prototype with built-in user management and Bootstrap styling. [08/06/2015]
  • Laravel 5 Angular Material Starter - Laravel 5 and Angular Material with sample config for ui-router, Restangular, theming, etc. See tutorial on use here.
  • Laravel 5 Boilerplate - Laravel 5 application boilerplate built with Skeleton, Sidr, and Fontastic.
  • Laravel 5 Boilerplate - Responsive Laravel 5 application template with Bootstrap 3, HTML 5 Boilerplate, Font Awesome, and more.
  • Laravel 5 Bootstrap 3 Starter Site - Laravel 5 site template using Bootstrap 3 with built-in support for managing videos, pictures, and news, DataTables, and much more. [04/30/2015]
  • Laravel 5 on Shared Hosting - Custom directory structure for Laravel to separate the ''public'' directory from code directories. [05/06/2016]
  • Laravel 5 Scaffold Generator - Artisan extension package to build scaffolding. Single command creates model, controller, migration, seeder, and RESTful views. [04/27/2015]
  • Laravel 5 Starter - A complete Laravel starter configuration using Bootstrap and AdminLTE for admin functions. [03/26/2016]
  • Laravel 5 Starter Package - A starter package for Laravel 5 with boilerplate views, configs, and routes. [07/22/2015]
  • Laravel and AngularJS Starter Application Boilerplate - Single-page application starter configuration with Laravel 5 and Angular.JS 1.3. [04/07/2015]
  • InfyOm Laravel Generator - API, Scaffold, CRUD Laravel Generator [05/01/2016]
  • Laravel Hackathon Starter - Laravel boilerplate configuration with lots of built-in API support. [02/23/2016]
  • Laravel Kickstart - Laravel starter configuration with an Elixir configuration, the latest versions of Bootstrap and JQuery, a Blade wrapper template, debug tools, and much more. [03/09/2016]
  • [Laravel/Angular Material Starter] - Complete project starter template for building application with Laravel 5 and Angular Material. [08/20/2015]
  • React-Redux-Laravel - Boilerplate blog application for a Laravel JWT Backend and a React/Redux Front-End with Bootstrap 4. [06/06/2016]
  • Scafold - Adds back some of the boilerplate/scaffolding removed in Laravel 5.1. [07/20/2015]
  • Support - Adds some nice features and other third-party packages to your Laravel installation. [10/05/2015]
  • Watts - Custom configuration with tools for developing microservices using Lumen. [05/10/2016]


  • Analogue - Intuitive, fluent data mapper ORM for Laravel and PHP. [07/15/2015]
  • belongsToThrough - Adds trait to Eloquent models to support ''belongsToThrough'' relationship. [10/21/2015]
  • CRUD Generator - Simple Artisan command to generate CRUD commands for database interaction of your model in Laravel 5. [08/30/2015]
  • CRUDBooster - Customization of Laravel framework for auto-generation of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) methods for your model. [08/30/2016]
  • CSV Seeder - If you have your seed data for your database in a spreadsheet, use this package to load it directly from a CSV file. [05/11/2015]
  • Datagrid - Self-contained (no external dependencies) data grid package for Laravel 5 with support for filtering, sorting, and Bootstrap. [07/20/2015]
  • Datatable - Alternate Laravel 4 package wrapper for Datatables.
  • Eloquence - Adds some very useful extensions to base Eloquent models, such as camel-case attributes, sluggable and UUID keys, etc. [04/22/2015]
  • Eloquent Filter - Provides customized filtering capability for Eloquent models via a Filterable attribute. [03/05/2016]
  • Eloquent MongoDB Repository - Implementation of repository design pattern for MongoDB using Eloquent. [03/09/2016]
  • Eloquent Sortable - Adds a sortable trait to Eloquent models for Laravel 4/5. [05/25/2015]
  • Eloquent Versioned - Adds transparent versioning to Eloquent models, which persists an entirely new row in database when updating a model instance. [06/08/2015]
  • Eloquent Preferences - Allows binding of multiple key-value pair preferences to your Eloquent models. [12/29/2015]
  • Laracadamy Generators - Extends Artisan generate command to automatically build model directly from database table. [09/02/2016]
  • Laradump - A Laravel wrapper package for the MySQL mysqldump tool to allow exporting of your database and reloading via Laravel Artisan commands. [08/03/2016]
  • Laraformer - Laravel package to add a transformation layer to your Eloquent model. [03/05/2016]
  • Laravel DataTables - Laravel 4 server-side handler package for DataTables jQuery plug-in.
  • Laravel Doctrine - A package that tightly integrates the Doctrine ORM with Laravel. [09/10/2015]
  • Laravel Firebird - Firebird Illuminate package for Laravel 5. [04/27/2015]
  • Laravel Media Library - Package for associating files (including those hosted on Amazon S3) with Eloquent model. [07/15/2015]
  • Laravel Normalizer - Simple package to allow model-independent normalization (i.e., capitalization, numeric formatting, etc.) of data before persisting. [07/28/2016]
  • Laravel 5 Repository - Package for the implementing the repository design pattern to abstract database layer of your application. [08/16/2015]
  • Laravel Searchy - Easy-to-use database searching package for Laravel 4 with support for fuzzy searching and sensitivity configuration. [04/30/2015]
  • Laravel Value Objects - Cast Eloquent model attributes to value objects with ease. [12/07/2015]
  • LODM - ODM package for Laravel with native support for MongoDB that supports inheritance, composition, and aggregation, as well as hierarchical data. [10/12/2015]
  • MySQL to Laravel - Script to generate Laravel migrations from an existing MySQL database. [02/20/2016]
  • MySQL Workbench Export Laravel 5 Migrations Plugin - Plugin for MySQL Workbench to export data models to Laravel 5 migrations. [09/24/2016]
  • ODBC Driver - Laravel 5.x package which provides support for using any database via ODBC. [07/20/2015]
  • PHP Eloquent Repository - Repository package for Eloquent for use with Eloquent or plain PHP. [02/15/2016]
  • Revisionable - Adds simple (and, optionally, trait-based) support for keeping revision history of models in your Laravel applications.
  • Rinvex Repository - Comprehensive and well-documented repository package (specifically Active Repository pattern) for abstracting storage/persistence. [08/31/2016]
  • Single-Table Inheritance - Adds a trait to Eloquent models to allow multiple models to be stored in the same database table. [07/12/2015]
  • Unique With Validator - Provides support for composite unique indexes, such as combination of first and last name.
  • QueryBuilderParser - A Laravel package that builds SQL queries based on input from a jQuery QueryBuilder.

Design Pattern Tools

  • Laravel Context - Provides application contextual support for using different service providers, such as the case of admin functionality versus regular functionality. [07/07/2015]
  • Repositories Maker - Adds Artisan command to auto-generate repositories for all Eloquent models. [10/01/2016]

Development Tools

  • Artisan View - Adds a make:view Artisan command for generating a Blade view file. [07/27/2016]
  • Blacksmith - Independent code-generation tool that works closely with Laravel to generate models, views, controllers, seeds, forms, and much more.
  • Candela - A Silex/Slim style version of Laravel's Lumen microframework. [05/16/2015]
  • Debug Window - Extension of popular DebugBar tool that displays variables sent to view in easy-to-read format. [07/20/2015]
  • Inspector - Utility that checks installed Composer project dependencies and notifies you of any updates (not Laravel specific). [04/26/2016]
  • Larasupport - Provides some missing helpers to Lumen and allows Laravel packages to be used with Lumen. [06/08/2015]
  • Laravel API Generator - Another independent code-generation tool for creating project boilerplate, including migrations, models, controllers, various views, etc. [05/14/2015]
  • Laravel Backup - Artisan extension that allows you to backup your application and database into a ZIP archive.
  • Laravel Console - An in-browser console for running Laravel commands (or any PHP code!). Like a browser-based version of Artisan. [04/22/2015]
  • Laravel Environment - Artisan extension to create and edit environment-specific configuration files in the shell.
  • Laravel Environment Manager - Artisan command for managing multiple environments (.env) for a Laravel 5 application.
  • Laravel Feature Flag/Switch - Simple tool for adding feature flag capability to your Laravel applications. [06/16/2016]
  • Laravel IDE Helper - Adds auto-complete support for Laravel syntax to a variety of IDEs and text editors, including Aptana Studio, Eclipse, PHP Storm, and more.
  • Laravel Inspector - Comprehensive debugging and profiling tool with full logging capabilities that outputs errors and logged actions to browser JavaScript console. [08/03/2016]
  • Laravel Log Viewer - Add on which allows you to view your Laravel 4.2/5.0 log file within the application itself by opening the logs (or other) route.
  • Laravel PackMe - A shell/command-line starter kit for developing pakcages for Laravel 5. [06/16/2016]
  • Laravel Permission - A simple package to manage users, roles, and permissions in Laravel. [09/22/2015]
  • Laravel Tracy - Package for integrating the excellent Nette Tracy debugging library as a replacement for Laravel's standard error handling functions. [09/02/2016]
  • Laravel UUID - Laravel 4.x/5.x package to generate a UUID according to the RFC 4122 standard. See here for example usage as database key. [04/29/2016]
  • Laravel Web Installer - Package helps you design an installer/setup wizard to allow users to install Laravel application without using Composer, SSH, etc. [09/14/2015]
  • Laravel-4-Generators - Package for speeding up development by generating classes, migrations, database seeds, and more.
  • Laroute - Package of helper functions for "porting" Laravel routes over to JavaScript for use on front end of application.
  • Laravel Debug Bar - Integrates Laravel with PHP Debug Bar to display debugging during application testing.
  • Laravel Resourceful - Generates full complement of CRUD resource Laravel code, including migrations, seeds, requests, controllers, models, and views. [04/20/2015]
  • Migrations Generator - Generate database migrations from existing database schema.
  • PHP Console - Laravel package wrapper/service provider to handle PHP errors, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely, etc. in Google Chrome with PHP Console extension.
  • Potion - Asset management tool for Laravel 5 based off of Assetic with only PHP dependencies. [04/05/2015]
  • Pretty Routes - Adds a /routes URL to your application for a nice visualization of all of the routes, including HTTP methods, middleware used, and more. [08/31/2016]
  • SmartSeeder - SmartSeeder extends database seeding beyond development to allow to use different seed data depending on the environment.
  • sqli - Laravel 4 Artisan SQL REPL (interactive tool), similar to tinker for SQL queries.
  • Environment - A simple library to increase the power of your environment variables.
  • TNT Search - Full-featured full-text search engine. [10/01/2016]


  • Aimeos - Complete e-commerce/web shop package with support for product catalogs, shopping, checkout, payment, and order management. [04/29/2015]
  • Amazon ECS (E-Commerce Services) - Package to allow searching the Amazon product catalog. [12/18/2015]
  • Laragento - A Laravel + Magento mashup, for directly accessing Magento data via RESTful API provided by Laravel. [10/12/2015]
  • Laravel PayPal Payment - Package for processing credit card or PayPal account payments using PayPal REST API.
  • Paypal IPN - Package for a listener and processor for Paypal IPN responses.


  • GeocoderLaravel - Laravel package for the well-documented and supported GeocoderPHP library.
  • GeoIP for Laravel - Laravel package with fluent API for getting location information from IP address. [06/01/2015]
  • LaraGeo - Laravel package wrapper for geoPlugin IP address-to-locality web service.
  • Laravel Google Maps - Package to provide full Google Maps support to Laravel. [07/30/2016]
  • Laravel IP Service - A Laravel package for to get the user's country by IP address.
  • Postcode - Simple searching by postal codes for geographic information, including latitude/longitude. [09/24/2016]


  • Alerts - Package for handling global site messages in Laravel. [07/30/2015]
  • Blade on Steroids - Several enhancements to the standard Blade syntax, including sub-templating and much more.
  • Captain Hook - Adds support for web hooks (a.k.a. callback functions) in Laravel driven by Laravel's Event system. [11/04/2015]
  • CSS Colors - Tool to automatically produce color variations/gradients for foreground and background based on input CSS hex color (wrapper for this PHP class). [04/05/2015]
  • dd - Laravel 4 helper similar to new dd from Laravel 5.
  • Eloquent Sluggable - Extends Eloquent to include a "sluggable" trait for easy generation of slugs.
  • Ekko - Laravel helper package that detects active Bootstrap navigation menu (navbar) item and applies 'active' class. [07/18/2015]
  • Flashy - Easy flash notifications for Laravel. [01/21/2016]
  • Full Calendar Helper - Package to simplify interaction with in Laravel. [09/08/2015]
  • Gazatem DbLogger - Package for saving Monolog log output to database using the existing Laravel API. [03/01/2016]
  • Graham Campbell's Packages - Variety of excellent packages for extending Laravel 4/5 functionality.
  • HTML5 Inputs - Extends Laravel Form class to support HTML5 form controls, including color, date, datetime, datatime-local, month, number, range, search, tel, time, and week. [04/27/2015]
  • HTML5 Forms for Laravel - Another package to extend Laravel FormBuilder to support HTML5 form elements. [06/11/2015]
  • Intervention Image - An open-source PHP image handling and manipulation library with Laravel facades and service providers. [02/11/2016]
  • iSeed - Inverse seed generator to create a database seed file using existing data in database table.
  • Ixudra Curl - Laravel package for fluent curl support. [01/23/2016]
  • Kint - A replacement for var_dump(), print_r(), and dd() for pretty printing debugging data.
  • Laracurl - Laravel wrapper package for PHP cURL class that provides OOP interface to cURL. [10/27/2015]
  • Larastrap - Laravel base site configuration based on Laravel 4.1, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, FontAwesome, and HTML5 Shiv.
  • Laravel Annotations - Provides support for annotating Controller methods with the corresponding route, including route naming.
  • Laravel Auto Presenter - Automatically decorates (applies formatting to) model objects bound to views during the view render process.
  • Laravel Calendar - A comprehensive calendar package with built-in support for events. [04/22/2015]
  • Laravel DOMPDF Wrapper - Laravel 4/5 package wrapper around DOMPDF for generating PDFs from Laravel views.
  • Laravel Email Database Log - Simple pakcage that logs all out-going e-mails sent from Laravel to email_log table in application database. [10/12/2015]
  • Laravel Excel - An Eloquent way of importing and exporting Excel and CSV files for Laravel 4.* with the power of PHPOffice's PHPExcel.
  • Laravel Formatter - Port of FuelPHP formatter library for formatting JSON, XML, YAML, and CSV data.
  • Laravel Forum - A complete forum package designed for easy integration into any Laravel 4 application.
  • Laravel Handlebars - Provides support for using Handlebars and Mustache templates with Laravel, including in conjunction with Blade. [08/02/2016]
  • Laravel Javascript Routes - Package to allow simple matching of Laravel routes to JavaScript/jQuery on client side.
  • Laravel Kint - Package wrapper for Kint debugging library that includes native service provider. [08/10/2015]
  • Laravel Medium Editor - Laravel package for using the Medium WYSIWYG JavaScript Editor with Laravel 4.x.
  • Laravel Menu - Package that provides fluent, Laravel-esque method for building menus.
  • Laravel Menu (Murze) - Laravel package for generating hierarchical HTML menus for your application. [03/28/2016]
  • Laravel Paginate Route - Extension to use built-in Laravel paginator feature without the query string. [07/12/2015]
  • Laravel Panel - Clean, Bootstrap-based admin panel for Laravel 5.x. [07/13/2015]
  • Laravel SASS - Automatic SASS-to-CSS compiling for Laravel 4 (and any other framework too), config-free, in pure PHP.
  • MailThief - A fake mailer for Laravel applications that makes it easy to test mail without actually sending any emails. [07/07/2016]
  • PDF Laravel 5 - Package wrapper for DOMPDF HTML-to-PDF conversion library. [08/16/2015]
  • PHP Curl - A simple PHP wrapper class for cURL, including Laravel service provider and facade.
  • Quarx - Open-source package to add CMS capabilities to your Laravel application. [05/04/2016]
  • Rapyd - A Laravel 4 package for building simple CRUD functions using data grids (tables) and forms.
  • Registry Manager - Complete package for managing application configuration settings in database with cache support for better performance. [05/20/2015]
  • Settings - A persistent setting package for Laravel that includes encrypting/decrypting values, caching, events, and more. [10/06/2015]
  • Socieboy Forum - Forum package for use with any Laravel 5 application. [09/24/2016]
  • Syntara - Comprehensive user administration system for Laravel 4, including authentication, groups/permissions management, and more.
  • Virtuoso - Extension to the built-in View Composers functionality that provides composability of composers themselves.

JavaScript Framework Support

Third-Party API Support

REST/Web Services

  • Brainsocket - Package for supporting real-time event-driven PHP apps using WebSockets.
  • Dingo API - Toolkit for building RESTful API with Laravel including API versioning, rate limiting, error handling, and more.


Web Forms

WordPress Integration


Tutorials (General)

Tutorial Series (Multi-part tutorials on Laravel basics)

Tutorials on Specific (and Frequently Occurring) Topics


  • LaraBrain - Directory of tips and tutorials for all aspects of Laravel development. [11/03/2015]
  • Laracasts - The de facto standard tutorials for Laravel developed by Jeffrey Way. (Some free Laracasts videos on YouTube here.)
  • Laracon 2014 Videos - Directory of videos from 2014 Laracon in NYC.
  • Laravel Database Designer - Online tool for creating database model, including exporting as migration. [05/16/2015]
  • Laravel Dojo - Tutorials on Laravel in Chinese (English translation here).
  • Laravel Hunt - A forum/directory for Laravel tutorials, examples, resources, etc. in the style of Product Hunt. [06/08/2015]
  • Laravel Schema Designer - Online tool for creating Laravel database schema and export the migration. You can share your schemas with others via the site.
  • - A repository of useful code snippets for Laravel PHP framework.
  • Laravel Tricks - Code snippets, best practices, and tips for Laravel development.
  • The Laravel Podcast - Brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion hosted by Matt Stauffer. [04/12/2015]

Applications Built with Laravel

  • External List of Laravel Applications [03/28/2016]
  • 92five - Open-source, self-hosting project management application.
  • AccountsPortal - Hosted online accounting application with support for invoicing, books and accounts. [04/20/2015]
  • Asgard CMS - CMS built with Laravel with goals of modularity, multi-language support, and ease of installation.
  • Attendize - Free, open-source, self-hosted ticket sales and event management platform. [03/09/2016]
  • Author's Republic - E-commerce site for authors to sell audio books. [10/20/2015]
  • Bootsnipp - Element gallery, playground and code snippets for Bootstrap framework.
  • BootstrapCMS - Comprehensive CMS built with Laravel using Sentry for user management/authentication.
  • Bumble CMS - CMS platform for Laravel framework with focus on simplicity. [09/04/2015]
  • Burnmsg - Simple self-destructing, encrypted messaging application built on Laravel. Open-source, self-hosted version available on Github.
  • Cachet - A single-site, alternative to written in PHP with the Laravel project, supporting both SQLite and MySQL databases.
  • Canvas - A minimalist blogging platform for developers which uses Summernote WYSIWIG editor for Markdown support built with Laravel. [07/07/2016]
  • - Electronic components marketplace with comprehensive search capability and over 3 billion parts in stock.
  • Coanda CMS - Coanda CMS is a content management system based on the Laravel PHP Framework. [04/13/2015]
  • Codex - A simple file-based Markdown documentation platform built on top of Laravel.
  • Colorsublime - Directory of Sublime Text themes along with a plugin to simplify installation of those themes.
  • Confomo - Simple, open-source tool for keeping track of contacts that you meet at conferences. [07/27/2016]
  • - A Reddit clone built with Laravel that scores entries based on "momentum" from events like views, comments, etc. [08/31/2015]
  • Devise CMS - Open-source CMS built on Laravel intended to be used for both small and large CMS needs. [09/29/2015]
  • DevLeaks - Web development news aggregator for tutorials, tools, and other resources of interest to developers. [08/03/2015]
  • Easy Decision Maker - Online tool for creating multiple-choice questions. [10/21/2015]
  • - Share files up to 1GB for 24 hours with no sign up or installation. [07/31/2015]
  • Flarepoint CRM - Full-features CRM application with tasks and lead management, role-based settings, document attachements, and more. [06/18/2016]
  • Flarum - Open-source forum software intended to make online discussions simple, fun, and fast. [08/28/2015]
  • Flashtag CMS - Open-source simple CMS and blogging platform built with Laravel. [04/12/2016]
  • Food Zoo Menu - University cafeteria menu listings using Laravel REST API and AngularJS. [05/09/2016]
  • - Low-cost (2500 transactions per day free) geocoding web service built by Mathias Hansen.
  • Gistlog - Markdown-based blogging tool that uses Github's Gist platform for storage (more here).
  • GitGo - Git repository hosting site with beautiful UI (includes free plan).
  • - Free, simple service for sharing news about the arrival of your baby. [08/11/2016]
  • HiveStory - Online collaborative story-writing application. [11/09/2015]
  • Invoice Ninja - Online small business invoicing platform with free plan up to 500 clients. Open-source, self-hosted version available on Github.
  • Jigsaw - Open-source static site generator and CMS tool built with Laravel that supports Blade templating and markdown. [04/13/2016]
  • Jumpertrax - Online sports event entry and tracking tool. [05/10/2016]
  • Kraken CRM - A simple, lightweight CRM (contact management tool) [Under development]. [05/20/2015]
  • Koel - A simple, open-source web-based personal audio streaming service (i.e., Spotify clone) written in Vue.js on the client side and Laravel on server side. [12/14/2015]
  • Kyle - Monthly billing/invoicing application built on Laravel. [06/18/2016]
  • LaraAdmin - Open-source CRM platform that features CRUD generation, module and metadata management, media file (image, multimedia, etc.) management, and built-in code editor (based on Ace Code Editor). [08/30/2016]
  • Larasites - Directory of applications built with Laravel and Lumen. [08/30/2015]
  • Laravel Site - A custom CMS and event management platform built on Laravel 4.
  • Lavalite - Multilingual CMS built on Laravel 4 and Bootstrap 3.
  • Learning Locker - An open-source online tool to track learning/education records
  • Lightweight Hiker - Site to search for used hiking/backpacking gear. [02/15/2016]
  • Listymail - Free online tool for email distribution lists. [02/15/2016]
  • Maghnatis - Open-source Reddit clone forum application built with Laravel. (Source code available here.) [10/27/2015]
  • Orchestra Platform - Laravel-based application boilerplate.
  • Paperwork - Open-source note-taking/PIM alternative to Evernote and Microsoft OneNote built on Laravel, AngularJS and Bootstrap 3.
  • Picnic - On-demand image post-processing package built on Laravel 4. [04/25/2015]
  • Rewind Radio - Online tool for making and sharing radio clips including display of waveform audio. [10/21/2015]
  • Screeenly - Open-source (source code here) tool and API to create screen shots of web sites.
  • - Free online image hosting site built on Laravel. [10/21/2015]
  • Snipe-IT - A free open source (source code here) IT asset/license management system built in PHP on Laravel 4.2 and Bootstrap 3. [08/13/2015]
  • Spiral - Educational technology tools for collaboration and progress reporting. [10/21/2015]
  • StackPile - Online tool for managing third-party APIs used by your application, built with Laravel and Vue.js. [03/28/2016]
  • Statimgram - Allows you to publish images to multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously and schedule your posts. [08/11/2016]
  • Stomt - A social platform for providing feedback on anything and anyone built with Laravel and AngularJS. [08/30/2015]
  • Style CI - Free PHP coding style continuous integration service that checks and (optionally) fixes Github public repositories against PHP coding standards.
  • - Free, online API mock creator. [03/23/2016] - Allows you to publish images to multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously and schedule your posts. [08/11/2016]
  • Thermosis Framework - WordPress framework that embeds Laravel to build complex applications.
  • Thor CMS - A multipurpose Laravel 4 CMS platform and CRUD generator with built-in multi-language support. [04/25/2015]
  • - Online reservation-booking application. Open-source application with source code available here. [11/23/2015]
  • TruckJee - Similar to Uber for truck transport in India. [07/12/2016]
  • Vale Brewing - Nice, well-structured web site for Australian craft brewer. [10/20/2015]
  • vimrcfu - Share your best vimrc snippets. (Source for
  • Visual Bookmark Organizer - Online bookmark tool that shows thumbnails of bookmarked site. (Source code on Github.) [04/22/2015]
  • Vuedo - Open-source blogging platform built with Laravel and Vue.js with Markdown editor and Amazon S3 integration. [07/18/2016]
  • Wardrobe - A minimalist blogging platform and CMS supporting Markdown and simple theming.
  • Xenon Support Center - A comprehensive, but minimal, open-source ticket- and conversation-management platform.



Example Applications

  • OpenLaravel - Directory of open-source projects built with Laravel framework. [08/30/2016]
  • Airflix - A web application for browsing and playing movies and TV shows from a local home server built with Laravel and Vue.js. [07/27/2016]
  • Alfred CMS - CMS built with Laravel and AngularJS that supports developer needs, but is simple for users. [05/09/2016]
  • Anvil CMS - A basic CMS built on top of Laravel 4 with other components.
  • Arcanesoft CMS - CMS built on Laravel with multiple packages that can be used independently. [12/18/2015]
  • Auto-Generating Gallery - Basic image gallery application with support for auto-generation of thumbnails, albums, and more.
  • BookStack - A simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use, wiki-like platform and Confluence alternative for organising and storing information. [01/02/2016]
  • Bookymark - Basic web site bookmarking application built with Laravel 4, including full tests. [04/28/2015]
  • CocoPass - Password management system similar to LastPass build with Laravel 5.3. [09/13/2016]
  • Communalizer - Free, open-source and self-hosted forum system written on top of the Laravel framework. [06/23/2016]
  • Dingo Project Management - A full-featured personal project management tool with task boards. [04/26/2016]
  • Doptor CMS - Free, open-source CMS built with Laravel and Bootstrap that includes drag-and-drop form editing. [03/02/2016]
  • EasyAdmin - Advanced Laravel Login and User Management with Two-Factor Authentication. [06/09/2016]
  • EESTEC Platform for Local Committees - Committee management tool for engineering student association. [11/23/2015]
  • GH-analytics - Reference implementation application with Laravel backend and AngularJS front-end.
  • [IVD Assets](

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