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The future of online communications.

Project Tox

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Toxcore Development Roadmap

This Roadmap is somewhat tentative, but should give you a good idea of where we’re going, and where we’ve been.

Currently unsorted, the following is intended to function as a discussion guide to developers/contributors.

In Progress

  • [ ] Toxcore
    • [ ] 100% unit testing
    • [ ] Make ToxAV stateless
    • [ ] Allow a single toxcore instance to handle multiple keypairs (or ‘clients’)
    • [ ] Consistent naming scheme throughout toxcore
    • [X] Make toxcore stateless
  • [ ] Messenger
    • [ ] Improve group chat implementation
    • [ ] Improve A/V implementation
    • [ ] Multiple device support


  • [X] Create Toxcore
  • [X] Create DHT
  • [X] Create Onion
  • [X] Implement Crypto
  • [X] Create Messenger


What is Tox?

Tox is a fully encrypted, censor resistant, private, distributed network library with a focus on personal communications.

No, really, what’s Tox?

It’s a VERY secure Instant Messenger that supports Text, Audio/Video calls, group chats, audio group chats, and file transfers. There’s dozens, but our advantage is we put security first, from day 1. We didn’t decide to add it in after.

What are your goals with Tox?

We want Tox to be as simple as possible while remaining as secure as possible.


The Complex Stuff:


Tox must use UDP simply because hole punching with TCP is not as reliable. However, Tox does use TCP relays as a fallback if it encounters a firewall that prevents UDP hole punching.

Connecting & Communicating

Every peer is represented as a byte string) (the public key [Tox ID] of the peer). By using torrent-style DHT, peers can find the IP of other peers by using their Tox ID. Once the IP is obtained, peers can initiate a secure connection with each other. Once the connection is made, peers can exchange messages, send files, start video chats, etc. using encrypted communications.

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