3rd year final semester project using cpp & unreal engine 4


3rd year final semester project using cpp & unreal engine 4

Project Overview

(i) Project Summary

In this project, I aim to successfully build an isometric or top down dungeon crawler game using Visual Studio to write C++ code, & Unreal Engine 4. A dungeon crawler by definition is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games (RPG’s) in which a hero navigates a labyrinthine environment or dungeon, battling various monsters, and looting any treasure they may find. By the end of the project I hope to have the environment procedurally generating, this would save time having to build all environments manually.

(ii) Expected Problems

As I have only a basic knowledge of C++ and am completely unfamiliar with the Unreal Engine 4 I expect to have some problems whilst trying to learn how to correctly compose, write, build, & develop using these tools. It will take some time to adjust to how C++ is written and to reserch how to correctly compose a C++ project. Adjusting to the unreal engine will take a little bit of time.

(iii) Anticipated achievements

By the end of this project I hope to have a fully functioning, fun, game. I also hope to have a better understanding of C++, & why it is an industry standard for games development, & finally knowledge of how to develop using an industry standard game engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Concept, Rules & Requirements

(i) Concept

In the game, you the user will play as our unnamed hero. You will attempt to navigate the unnamed hero out of the dungeon safely while battling many foes, solving puzzles, and finding loot on your travels. Once you finish the game you will be given a score which is based off how many foes you have defeated, collected items, puzzles solved, and completion time. You may then choose to re-play the game if you so wish. I hope to implement save points or checkpoints at which players can come back and pick up where they left off.


1 The user must survive to progress
2 Puzzles must be completed to progress
3 Key enemies will hold items required to progress

(iii) Requirements

1 The user should be able to control the protagonist (movement, combat, interaction with environment).
2 An environment in which the user can traverse
3 A tutorial on how to play, (eg. movement, combat, interaction with items)
4 Roaming enemies
5 Puzzles, that incur a learning curve (easy - hard)

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3rd year final semester project using cpp & unreal engine 4 ...