A DCPU16 emulator and assembler written in C++

11 months after

DCPU-16 custom tools

This is a C++ implementation of the DCPU16 from Mojang's game 0x10c.
It is based on the 1.7 specification (see doc directory).
0x10c's website : http://0x10c.com/

Current features

- DASM16 assembler
- LEM1802 emulation (text-based display with 16-color palette support)
- Generic Keyboard emulation
- Generic Clock emulation
- Instant CPU state display with an overlay by hitting TAB
- Auto textual memory dump before and after running
- Font image converter (image 128x32 ==> DASM code)
- Basic preprocessor (still WIP, only a 1-level #include is supported)

Planned features

- Print help in command line
- N-level #include with infinite inclusion checking
- More preprocessor commands (#define etc...)
- More assembly special commands
- More hardware devices (Custom speakers?)
- Better support for implemented hardware devices
- Debug tools / disassembler
- Games and IDE?


Not available for now, I should upload binaries soon.

Compiling / dependencies

SFML 2.0 : http://www.sfml-dev.org/

The project is compiled with GCC/MinGW.
C++11 is not used yet.

Note: don't include src/dcpu11 to your project if you want to compile,
    this directory contains an outdated version of the emulator for 1.1 specs.

How to use

In the command line :

dcpu yourFile
    # Will assemble yourFile and run it

dcpu -pp yourFile ouputFile
    # Will perform a preprocessing pass to yourFile
    # and put the result in outputFile.
    # see detailed information about the preprocessor below.

dcpu -cvf yourImage yourDASMFile
    # Converts an font image (128x32 px) into DASM code (dat 0xstuff).
    # fonts are read as white pixels.
    # Supported image formats: BMP, PNG, JPG (not recommended) and a few others.

    # Prints an error (should print help later)

Assembler details

The preprocessor

#include "file"
; will copy the content of the given file at this position.
; Preprocessor commands in the included file are not processed yet.

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