Open simplex noise module for Godot

8 months after

OpenSimplex Godot integration

This is a simple wrapping of the OpenSimplex C library, designed to avoid the patent issue on Simplex noise. The master branch is for Godot 3.x series. For Godot 2.x, checkout branch godot2.

IMPORTANT: Godot 3.1 now integrates OpenSimplex under a very similar API, as a result this module is no longer maintained in Godot 3.1 onwards.


You have to get the source code of Godot to compile it with the module. Copy the contents of the repository inside an opensimplex directory under Godot's modules folder. The name is important for the module to compile properly.

Example git command: git clone https://github.com/Zylann/godot_opensimplex.git opensimplex

Example usage

# Create basic open-simplex noise
var noise = OsnNoise.new()

# Get values
noise.get_noise_3d(x, y, t)

# Create fractal noise helper
var fractal_noise = OsnFractalNoise.new()

# Get values
fractal_noise.get_noise3d(x, y, t)


3D noise screenshot 3D noise


I'm not happy yet with the design, as you can see there are two steps before you can generate fractal noise. This is mainly because the open-simplex C library allocates memory for a context everytime the seed is chosen. There could be a Noise singleton with a global seed, but I'm not a big fan of globals.

I was initially going to integrate FastNoise because it doesn't allocates memory at all, is optimized and has more features, but because of Simplex patent issues this is not possible yet. A good tradeoff would be to propose a pull request to FastNoise :)