3D Terrain plugin for Godot Engine

7 months after

Godot Terrain Plugin

This is a heightmap-based terrain node for Godot Engine 2.1, written in GDScript.

Editor screenshot


I ported this plugin to Godot 3: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_heightmap_native_plugin
I used to also work on a module version: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_heightmap_module
I stopped support on Godot 2.


  • Custom Terrain node

  • Resizeable square between 1 and 1024 units of space

  • Raise, carve and smooth the terrain in the editor

  • Paint vertex colors to add textures with shaders

  • Brush with customizable shape, size and opacity

  • Takes advantage of frustum culling by chunking the terrain in multiple meshes

  • Collisions

  • Smooth or hard-edges rendering

  • Save to image and normal map

  • Terrain data saved inside the scene like Tilemap and Gridmap

  • Edition behaviour works both in editor and game

  • Undo/redo

  • Experimental: quad rotation to improve shading in some cases

  • Extras: sample assets in this repo :)


  • Meshing is very slow (will this plugin remain pure GDScript?)

  • Level of detail (non-trivial! Requires faster meshing)

  • Baked mode for faster terrain loading (it is currently rebuilt from data both in editor and game)

  • Save terrain data as a separate resource to unbloat the scene file

  • Decorrelate resolution and size

  • Make Terrain inherit Spatial so it can be moved around

  • Paint meshes on top of the terrain (grass, trees, rocks...) <-- I want to make a vegetation generator plugin too :p

  • Improve normals (data "pixels" produce lighting artefacts)

  • Make live edition work

  • Mesh simplification (an editor lib would be welcome)

  • Infinite terrain mode

  • Extras: importer for terrains made in DCCs (Blender/3DS etc)