Voxel module for Godot Engine

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Voxel Tools for Godot

C++ module for creating volumetric worlds in Godot Engine.

Example screenshot


Install the contents of the repo in a folder under "modules/", named "voxel".

IMPORTANT: if you clone the repo, Git will create the folder as the repo name, "godot_voxel". But because Godot SCons scripts consider the folder name as the module's name, it will generate wrong function calls, so you must rename the folder "voxel".

What this module provides

  • Fully editable terrain as long as you call the right functions (see demo: https://github.com/Zylann/voxelgame)
  • Voxel storage using 8-bit channels like images for any general purpose
  • Data segmentation using blocks of 16x16x16 voxels (so the world can be theoretically infinite)
  • Main development oriented for minecraft-style terrain by using voxels as types
  • Experimental support for smooth terrain using Transvoxel http://transvoxel.org/, by using voxels as isolevels
  • Vertex-based ambient occlusion on voxel edges
  • Simple interface for deferred terrain generators (block by block using threads)
  • Uses threads to stream terrain as the camera moves
  • Optional performance statistics

What this module doesn't provides

  • Level of detail (not a priority for my project)
  • Game specific features such as cave generation or procedural trees (though it might include tools to help doing them)
  • Editor tools (only a few things are exposed)
  • Import and export of voxel formats
  • For reasons why I don't work on X or Y, see https://github.com/Zylann/godot_voxel/issues/17