Sample ASP .NET Architecture

Pattern Domain-Driven Design DDD

01 - Presentation

The user interface layer

Basic API :

  • Controller “Sample” is used for DI & sample of CacheManager class.
  • Controller “SampleAlt” is used for demonstrate the using of “services” > “repository” > “UoW” > “EF”

02 - Domain

The data management layer

  • Use “module” conception : services interfaces with their implementation (Module : aggregates/services [DDD])

  • DTO : Data Transfer Object (sample: MyApp.Domain.DTO.SampleDataDTO).

  • The Specification Pattern (soon).

  • “Select Builder” : Thanks to LINQ you are able to create custom expression for return directly an DTO (sample: MyApp.Domain.SampleModule.Aggregates.SampleDataSelectBuilder).

03 - Data

The data access layer

  • Use EntityFramework (EF) with DbSet/Annotations for link a SQL/Table to a class/object (sample: MyApp.Domain.SampleModule.Aggregates.SampleData).
  • The Unit Of Work (UnitOfWork / UoW) Pattern add transactions for the resolution of concurrency problems (MyApp.Data.UnitOfWorkContext).
  • The Repository Pattern add a layer between DbSet (return IQueryable) with UoW and the data used in “Domain” layer. Queryable manipulation is sensible, a Repository return an Enumerable or an Entity. (MyApp.Data.Core.Repository && MyApp.Domain.Core.IRepository)

04 - Infrastructure

The app management layer

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