Custom controls for .Net WinForm


Custom controls for .Net WinForm including:

Circular ProgressBar

  • Customizable progress color
  • Circle stroke can be changed
  • Text properties are customizable or you can set the “AutoFontCalculate” property which calculates best fit to true

Rounded Textbox

  • RoundedTextBox differs from the classic TextBox with its rounded corners


  • Corner radius can be changed
  • Has gradient colors that are customizable by changing color properties “Active1,Active2,Inactive1,Inactive2”
  • This colors activates when MouseEnter and MouseLeave


  • Text in label slides slowly to left or right when it is too long to squeeze


  • A new design for the NumericUpDown control

Customizable Classic ProgressBar

  • Progress color is customizable
  • Text font can be changed
  • Animated progress changes

Waiter control for long tasks

  • Two different spinning control for long tasks or similar jobs

UPDATE: New AnimatedSwitch Control (SliderControl) added

Animated Switch

  • A checkbox that is customized like switch control using “IsOn” property
  • On/Off changes are animated
Preview for controls

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