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Yeoman generator for Backbone with AMD capabilities


Yeoman generator for Backbone with AMD capabilities


You can install this generator by two ways, clonning repo and linking or install by npm. To install clonnig repo run:

$ git clone
$ cd generator-backbone-amd
$ npm link

Or to install by npm run:

$ npm install generator-backbone-amd

Bootstrap project

To bootstrap a new project simply run

$ yo backbone-amd

Create model

To add a Backbone model to the project use the model generator like this

$ yo backbone-amd:model model-name

Create collection

To add a Backbone collection to the project use collection generator

$ yo backbone-amd:collection collection-name

You can link the collection with an existent model

$ yo backbone-amd:collection collection-name model-name

Or may be you want to create both, model and collection on one step

$ yo backbone-amd:collection collection-name model-name --create-model

Create views

Backbone works with view definitions, to create one use this command

$ yo backbone-amd:view view-name

If you prefer CoffeeScript instead just add –coffee flag

$ yo backbone-amd:view view-name --coffee

Create routers

You can generate routers too with

$ yo backbone-amd:router router-name

Or with coffee option

$ yo backbone-amd:router router-name --coffee


Default test framework for this generator is buster.js but you cant specify another like mocha

$ yo backbone-amd --test-framework=mocha

But if you work with buster you have to do a couple of things first. Due buster framework issues you have to install node 0.9.9, at this time don’t work with node 0.10.0 and ensure to install globally buster and plantomjs:

$ npm install -g buster phantomjs

Instructions to install generator-buster follow this link

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