Development Repository for open Asset Administration Shell

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Development Repository for open Asset Administration Shell (openAAS) by Chair of Process Control Engineering RWTH Aachen University and ZVEI.

This repository shows the current development state of the administration shell and contains definitions, models, specifications, and prototypes. The specifications are based on previous achievements of ZVEI Workgroups. For prototype development, we use the model based runtime environment ACPLT/RTE as well as open source OPC UA stack open62541 There are several base models that are used to describe the constituent parts of an AAS and the AAS itself.

Important models:

  • Asset Administration Shell (structure)
  • Message based interaction model Demo
  • Property model Demo
  • Lifecylce model

How to contribute

There are different ways to contribute to the openAAS project:

  • You can set up a new Issue which allows you to describe your concerns and reference to existing specifications.
  • If you would like to make some changes and test around and afterwards offer your changes, you can Fork openAAS repository, make you changes and offer them by creating a Pull Request.

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