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The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

2 years after MIT

Active Admin

Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails framework for creating elegant backends for website administration.

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  1. Enable developers to quickly create good-looking administration interfaces.
  2. Build a DSL for developers and an interface for businesses.
  3. Ensure that developers can easily customize every nook and cranny.

Getting started

  • Check out the docs!
  • Try the live demo
  • The wiki includes links to tutorials, articles and sample projects.

Need help?

Please use StackOverflow for help requests and how-to questions.

Please open GitHub issues for bugs and enhancements only, not general help requests. Please search previous issues (and Google and StackOverflow) before creating a new issue.

Google Groups, IRC #activeadmin and Gitter are not actively monitored.

Want to contribute?

The contributing guide is a good place to start. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Want to support us?

You can support us with a weekly tip via Gratipay.

Support via Gratipay


We try not to reinvent the wheel, so Active Admin is built with other open source projects:

Tool Description
Arbre Ruby -> HTML, just like that.
Devise Powerful, extensible user authentication
Formtastic A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup
Inherited Resources Simplifies controllers with pre-built RESTful controller actions
Kaminari Elegant pagination for any sort of collection
Ransack Provides a simple search API to query your data

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