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Django app which graphs data, like lines of code, in Bazaar repositories

3 years after GPL-2.0


What is bzrwc?

bzrwc is a Django application which uses the Cairo to graph various data about Bazaar_ repositories, like lines of code over time.

.. _Django: .. _Bazaar: .. _Cairo:


bzrwc was originally created by Stein Magnus Jodal [email protected]. Continued delevelopment by Thomas Kongevold Adamcik [email protected].


bzrwc is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. See COPYING for the full license.


As Debian/Ubuntu package names:

  • python-django >= 1.0
  • bzrlib (bundled with bzr)
  • python-cairo


  1. Execute python install or put the bzrwc directory on your PYTHONPATH manually.
  2. Add bzrwc to INSTALLED_APPS in your Django project settings.
  3. Add bzrwc to your main, i.e. like the following:

.. sourcecode:: python

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    (r'^bzrwc/', include('bzrwc.urls')),


  1. Setup reposities and graphs using the Django admin.
  2. Go to the bzrwc URL to view the graphs.


  • Speedups, i.e. more caching.

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