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Vim plugin for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'


This plugin allows you to run ack from vim, shows the search results in a split window and enables an easy navigation to the location of the search item in original files.

Ack is a powerful search tool for programmers, much better than grep:

  • ack is blazingly fast
  • ack ignores crap you do not want to search like .svn, backup files
  • lets you specify file types to search

See Ack homepage for Top 10 reasons to use ack instead of grep.

There is also an official home of the App::Ack Perl module.

The original version of this ack.vim plugin is available at

Version your are currently looking at is refactored and extended by geekQ.



You have to install ack, of course.

Install on Ubuntu with:

sudo apt-get install ack-grep

Install on Gentoo with:

sudo emerge ack

Install with MacPorts:

sudo port install p5-app-ack

Install with Gentoo Prefix

emerge ack

Otherwise, you are on your own.

The Plugin

If you have Rake installed, you can just run: rake install.

Otherwise, the file ack.vim goes in ~/.vim/plugin, and the ack.txt file belongs in ~/.vim/doc. Be sure to run

:helptags ~/.vim/doc



For detailed usage information type :help ack in vim or read the help online.


This Vim plugin is derived from Antoine Imbert’s blog post Ack and Vim Integration.

Miles Z. Sterrett created the first version of the plugin and added a help file.

Version your are currently looking at is refactored and extended by Vladimir Dobriakov.

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