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An aggregation of tooling for using ES6 today

2 years after MIT

ECMAScript 6 Tools Awesome


  • Babel - Turn ES6+ code into vanilla ES5 with no runtime
  • Traceur compiler - ES6 features > ES5. Includes classes, generators, promises, destructuring patterns, default parameters & more.
  • es6ify - Traceur compiler wrapped as a Browserify v2 transform
  • babelify - Babel transpiler wrapped as a Browserify transform
  • es6-transpiler - ES6 > ES5. Includes classes, destructuring, default parameters, spread
  • Square's es6-module-transpiler - ES6 modules to AMD or CJS
  • Facebook's regenerator - transform ES6 yield/generator functions to ES5
  • Facebook's jstransform - A simple utility for pluggable JS syntax transforms. Comes with a small set of ES6 -> ES5 transforms
  • defs - ES6 block-scoped const and let variables to ES3 vars
  • es6_module_transpiler-rails - ES6 Modules in the Rails Asset Pipeline
  • Some Sweet.js macros that compile from ES6 to ES5
  • Bitovi's transpile - Converts ES6 to AMD, CJS, and StealJS.
  • regexpu — Transform Unicode-aware ES6 regular expressions to ES5
  • Lebab - Transformations for ES5 code to ES6 (approximates)

Build-time transpilation

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Broccoli Plugins

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Browser plugins

  • Scratch JS - A Chrome/Opera DevTools extension to run ES6 on a page with either Babel or Traceur
  • generator-typescript - Yeoman generator for TypeScript apps

Mocha plugins

  • Mocha Traceur - A simple plugin for Mocha to pass JS files through the Traceur compiler

Module Loaders


  • es6-boilerplate - Tooling to allow the community to use es6 now via traceur in conjunction with amd and browser global modules, with source maps, concatenation, minification, compression, and unit testing in real browsers.
  • es6-jspm-gulp-boilerplate - Tooling to allow the community to use es6 now via babel in conjunction jspm, with source maps, concatenation, minification, compression, and unit testing in real browsers using es6.

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