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A beautiful web dashboard for Linux

A simple & low-overhead web dashboard for linux systems

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  • Small —– Under 400KB on disk (with .git removed)!
  • Simple —- A minimalist, beautiful dashboard
  • Easy —— Drop-in installation
  • Versatile – Choose your stack from Node.js, Go, Python, PHP


Step 1

## 1. clone the repo
git clone --depth 1

## 2. go to the cloned directory
cd linux-dash/app/server

OR, if you prefer to download manually:

## 1. Download the .zip
curl -LOk && unzip

## 2. navigate to downloaded & unzipped dir
cd linux-dash-master/app/server

Step 2

See instructions for preferred server linux-dash server (all included):

If Using Node.js

## install dependencies
npm install --production

## start linux-dash (on port 80 by default; may require sudo)
## You may change this with the `LINUX_DASH_SERVER_PORT` environment variable (eg. `LINUX_DASH_SERVER_PORT=8080 node server`)
## or provide a --port flag to the command below
node index.js

If Using Go

## start the server (on port 80 by default; may require sudo)
go run index.go

To build a binary, run go build && ./server -h. See @tehbilly’s notes here for binary usage options

If Using Python

# Start the server (on port 80 by default; may require sudo).

If Using PHP

  1. Make sure you have the exec, shell_exec, and escapeshellarg functions enabled
  2. Point your web server to app/ directory under linux-dash
  3. Restart your web server (Apache, nginx, etc.)


For general help, please use the Gitter chat room.


It is strongly recommended that all linux-dash installations be protected via a security measure of your choice.

Linux Dash does not provide any security or authentication features.

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package version
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sortablejs ^1.4.2


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