Haskell HTTP client library for use with io-streams

An HTTP client

An HTTP client library for Haskell using the Snap Framework’s io-streams library to handle the streaming IO.

A common case in writing RESTful web services is needing to make onward calls to further servers. This package is intended to make this easy to do. Though originally written for making calls from wep apps written with Snap, you can use this from any library or framework.



The underlying API is very simple:

main :: IO ()
main = do
    c <- openConnection "" 80
    let q = buildRequest1 $ do
                http GET "/"
                setAccept "text/html"
    sendRequest c q emptyBody
    receiveResponse c (\p i -> do
    	putStr $ show p

    	x <- i
    	S.putStr $ fromMaybe "" x)
    closeConnection c

There are also convenience functions for the common case of making straight-forward GET and POST requests; for instance:

    get "" (\_ i -> Streams.connect i stdout)

will {ahem} stream the response body to stdout. Perhaps more interesting (though less streams-oriented), is simply getting the response as a ByteString using one of the pre-defined handlers:

    x' <- get "" concatHandler

See the documentation in Network.Http.Client for further examples and details of usage of the API. There’s also a blog post introducing the library with a discussion of the design and usage.

Change Log

Now included in separate file CHANGELOG.


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