aframe-site 0

Official A-Frame site.


Powers the A-Frame site.

This site is built using hexo. Site content is written in Markdown (and located in the src/ directory). Pull requests are welcome!

Local Development

To install the dependencies and start the local development server:

npm install && npm start

And set up local configuration settings:

cp _config.local.yml.dist _config.local.yml

Then load http://localhost:4000/!

You may need to occasionally need to restart the server if you cause breaking changes. Just proceed as usual.

Writing Documentation

Documentation lives in the A-Frame GitHub repo.

First, clone the A-Frame GitHub repo.

cd aframe
npm link

And then link aframe-site to aframe:

cd aframe-site
npm link aframe

Then the master documentation will update as you work on them from the A-Frame repository. This works because we have pointed the A-Frame site, via a soft symbolic link, to the documentation installed in node_modules/aframe/docs/.

Old versions of documentation are handled through multidep.json.


To deploy this to production (GitHub Pages):

npm run deploy

This will push the site files to aframevr/ It will soon be live!


Source adopted from the awesome @vuejs site.


Licensed under The MIT License.