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Strumbar is a wrapper around ActiveSupport::Notifications with preconfigurations for basic instrumentation to be sent to statsd.

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Strumbar is a wrapper around ActiveSupport::Notifications with preconfigurations for basic instrumentation to be sent to statsd.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'strumbar'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install strumbar


Configuration (all options shown with default values):

Strumbar.configure do |config|

  # Application name as it should be stored by your Statsd backend.
  config.application = 'statsd_appname'

  # Statsd hostname = 'statsd.appname.example'

  # Statsd port
  config.port = 8125

  # Default sample rate for all events.
  config.default_rate = 1


Adding this alone causes basic instrumentation data to be sent to the Statsd server broken down by your application and will be visible in the dashboard. If you are happy with that, you're done. Adding custom instrumentation that is specific to your application is incredibly simple. Strumbar is a wrapper around ActiveSupport::Notifications.

Strumbar.subscribe /something_cool/ do |client, event|
  client.increment 'something_cool_counter'

Client is an instance of Strumbar::Client and wraps around Statsd::Client for namespacing and syntactic sugar.

By default, it will subscribe to runtime data for process_action.action_controller and the sql load time in sql.active_record.

In case you get tired of typing ActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument you can use the helpful sugar Strumbar provides:

Strumbar.strum 'view.render', payload do
  render :text => "I'm monitored!"


Strumbar allows middleware-style instruments to be added via the configure block. These instruments need only respond to #load with an optional hash. Strumbar comes with a few instruments to be added. Here's an example:

class Guitar
  def self.load options = {}
    Strumbar.subscribe 'query.*' do |client, event|
      client.increment "query.#{event.payload[:query]}", options[:rate]

Strumbar.configure do |config|
    # Can pass optional hash of data to controller for access when loading
    config.instruments.use Strumbar::Instrumentation::ActiveRecord, rate: 0.8
    config.instruments.use Strumbar::Instrumentation::ActionController, rate: 1.0

    # Unless passed, `rate` will be passed as the value of Strumbar.default_rate
    config.instruments.use Strumbar::Instrumentation::Redis

    # When passing an array of objects, each element of the array will use the
    # same optional information, and will use the default rate if not supplied

    # Guitar and SnareDrum will receive `{ rate: Strumbar.default_rate }`
    config.instruments.use [Guitar, SnareDrum]

    # SixStringBass and FourStringBass will receive the same hash
    config.instruments.use [SixStringBass, FourStringBass], rate: 0.75


Written by Andrew Nordman and Matthew Wilson

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