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This repository contains the source and binaries for the "e" text editor.

= Links & Information = Homepage: http://www.e-texteditor.com/ IRC: irc://freenode/etexteditor

= Git notes = Windows users in particulary should take note of the Line Endings section.

== Line Endings == This is a Liux/Windows cross-platform project. Because of this and git's behavior, file line-endings are important to get right and keep consistent.

The default for all new files in this repo is to use UNIX-style "LF" endings. The only time Windows-style line endings "CRLF" should be used is if some Windows-specific file requires them to work properly.

=== Git settings === For Windows users, edit .git/config and under [core] add the setting: autocrlf = false

This will preserve line-endings as they exist in the repo.

=== Visual Studio ===

Visual Studio does not have a setting for "always use LF"; to save a file with different line ends you must use the "File | Advanced Save Options" dialog and then re-save the file.

Always git diff before committing; if every line in a file is marked as changed then you probably converted CRLF to LF accidentally. Resave the file and re-diff before committing.

= Header Files = Compilation on Windows with Visual Studio uses the wxWidgets pre-compiled header. Including this header will include everything otherwise available through "wx/wx.h"

Linux builds do not have this header available, and must explicitly include "wx/wx.h".

To include files in a cross-platform way, use this pattern:

include "wx/wxprec.h"

#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
    #include <wx/wx.h>

// Other includes not defined in wx/wx.h go here for both platforms.
// Example:
#include <wx/arrstr.h>

For code that does not require the full wx/wx.h header (usually non-GUI code that makes use of wx core types), include a smaller set of standard includes within the WX_PRECOMP block if appropriate.

= Building e = See windows-notes.txt or linux-notes.txt as appropriate.

= Additional dependencies and add-ons =

= Bugs, Build Problems and Feature Requests = GitHub now has an issue tracking feature. e itself already has several avenues for bug reports and feature requests, as can be found from the e homepage.

Issues related to building and packaging e itself, or suggested code changes/ refactorings may be placed in the GitHub issue tracker:

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