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DarkReader for Google Chrome

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This extension inverts brightness of web pages and aims to reduce eyestrain while browsing the web. Visit Chrome Web Store for more info.

How to contribute

If some site is already dark, you can add it to dark_sites.json file. If some parts of web-pages are wrongly inverted, you can specify necessary CSS selectors at sites_fixes_v2.json. Notice that merged changes to these files are automatically delivered to all users within 15 minutes.

In order to build and debug the extension install the nodejs and grunt task runner. Launch the > grunt debug task. Open the Chrome’s extensions page. Enable the Developer mode, press Load unpacked extension button, navigate to project’s src/ folder.

After making any code changes, the project should be recompiled (debug-watch task may be used for auto-compile). If the extension didn’t reload automatically it can be reloaded at Extensions page by pressing the Reload (Ctrl+R) hyperlink.

For editing the code you can use any text editor or web IDE (like Visual Studio Code, Atom, WebStorm).

Good luck!

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