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A javascript library that extends D3.js to enable fast and beautiful visualizations.

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A javascript library that extends the popular D3.js to enable fast and beautiful visualizations.

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Development Environment

Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/alexandersimoes/d3plus.git

Move into that directory:

cd d3plus

Install the dependencies:

npm install

Run the gulp process:


Gulp will run a server on your local machine at port 4000, and whenever you change a source file it will re-compile d3plus.js and reload your browser!

Additionally, the gulp process watches for any files in a directory titles “/tests”. If you place all of your test .html files in a directory of that name, the gulp process will also detect any file changes and refresh the browser.

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package version
d3 ^3.5.15
heap ^0.2.6
numeric ^1.2.6
simplify-js ^1.2.1
static-kdtree ^1.0.1
topojson ^1.6.24
dev browserify ^13.1.0
coffeeify ^2.0.1
coffee-script ^1.10.0
event-stream ^3.3.4
gulp ^3.9.1
gulp-chmod ^1.3.0
gulp-connect ^5.0.0
gulp-duration ^0.0.0
gulp-notify ^2.2.0
gulp-rename ^1.2.2
gulp-streamify ^1.0.2
gulp-uglify ^2.0.0
gulp-util ^3.0.7
require-dir ^0.3.0
vinyl-source-stream ^1.1.0
watchify ^3.7.0


-   v1.9.8 zip tar
-   v1.9.7 zip tar
-   v1.9.6 zip tar
-   v1.9.5 zip tar
-   v1.9.4 zip tar
-   v1.9.3 zip tar
-   v1.9.2 zip tar
-   v1.9.1 zip tar
-   v1.9.0 zip tar
-   v1.8.0 zip tar
-   v1.7.4 zip tar
-   v1.7.3 zip tar
-   v1.7.2 zip tar
-   v1.7.1 zip tar
-   v1.7.0 zip tar
-   v1.6.9 zip tar
-   v1.6.8 zip tar
-   v1.6.7 zip tar
-   v1.6.6 zip tar
-   v1.6.5 zip tar
-   v1.6.4 zip tar
-   v1.6.3 zip tar
-   v1.6.2 zip tar
-   v1.6.1 zip tar
-   v1.6.0 zip tar
-   v1.5.1 zip tar
-   v1.5.0 zip tar
-   v1.4.5 zip tar
-   v1.4.4 zip tar
-   v1.4.3 zip tar