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:loudspeaker: Dubbo is a distributed, high performance RPC framework empowering applications with service import/export capabilities.

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Dubbo is a distributed, high performance RPC framework which empowers applications with service import/export capabilities.

It contains three key parts, which include:

  • Remoting: a network communication framework providing sync-over-async and request-response messaging.
  • Clustering: a remote procedure call abstraction with load-balancing/failover/clustering capabilities.
  • Registration: a service directory framework for service registration and service event publish/subscription

For more details, please refer to wiki or dubbo.io.

Quick Start

Export service:

<bean id="barService" class="com.foo.BarServiceImpl" />
<dubbo:service interface="com.foo.BarService" ref="barService" />

Refer to service:

<dubbo:reference id="barService" interface="com.foo.BarService" />
<bean id="barAction" class="com.foo.BarAction">
    <property name="barService" ref="barService" />

Source Building

  1. Install the git and maven command line:

    yum install git
    or: apt-get install git
    cd ~
    wget http://www.apache.org/dist//maven/binaries/apache-maven-2.2.1-bin.tar.gz
    tar zxvf apache-maven-2.2.1-bin.tar.gz
    vi .bash_profile
    append: export PATH=$PATH:~/apache-maven-2.2.1/bin
    source .bash_profile
  2. Checkout the dubbo source code:

    cd ~
    git clone https://github.com/alibaba/dubbo.git dubbo
    git checkout master
    or: git checkout -b dubbo-2.4.0
  3. Import the dubbo source code to eclipse project:

    cd ~/dubbo
    mvn eclipse:eclipse

    Then configure the project in eclipse by following the steps below:

    • Eclipse -> Menu -> File -> Import -> Exsiting Projects to Workspace -> Browse -> Finish
    • Context Menu -> Run As -> Java Application:
      • dubbo-demo-provider/src/test/java/com.alibaba.dubbo.demo.provider.DemoProvider
      • dubbo-demo-consumer/src/test/java/com.alibaba.dubbo.demo.consumer.DemoConsumer
      • dubbo-monitor-simple/src/test/java/com.alibaba.dubbo.monitor.simple.SimpleMonitor
      • dubbo-registry-simple/src/test/java/com.alibaba.dubbo.registry.simple.SimpleRegistry
    • Edit Config:
      • dubbo-demo-provider/src/test/resources/dubbo.properties
      • dubbo-demo-consumer/src/test/resources/dubbo.properties
      • dubbo-monitor-simple/src/test/resources/dubbo.properties
      • dubbo-registry-simple/src/test/resources/dubbo.properties
  4. Build the dubbo binary package:

    cd ~/dubbo
    mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip
    cd dubbo/target
  5. Install the demo provider:

    cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-provider/target
    tar zxvf dubbo-demo-provider-2.4.0-assembly.tar.gz
    cd dubbo-demo-provider-2.4.0/bin
  6. Install the demo consumer:

    cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-consumer/target
    tar zxvf dubbo-demo-consumer-2.4.0-assembly.tar.gz
    cd dubbo-demo-consumer-2.4.0/bin
    cd ../logs
    tail -f stdout.log
  7. Install the simple monitor:

    cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-simple-monitor/target
    tar zxvf dubbo-simple-monitor-2.4.0-assembly.tar.gz
    cd dubbo-simple-monitor-2.4.0/bin
  8. Install the simple registry:

    ”`sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-simple-registry/target tar zxvf dubbo-simple-registry-2.4.0-assembly.tar.gz cd dubbo-simple-registry-2.4.0/bin ./start.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-provider/conf vi dubbo.properties

  9. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=dubbo:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-consumer/conf vi dubbo.properties

  10. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=dubbo:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-simple-monitor/conf vi dubbo.properties

  11. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=dubbo:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh “`

  12. Install the zookeeper registry:

    ”`sh cd ~ wget http://www.apache.org/dist//zookeeper/zookeeper-3.3.3/zookeeper-3.3.3.tar.gz tar zxvf zookeeper-3.3.3.tar.gz cd zookeeper-3.3.3/conf cp zoo_sample.cfg zoo.cfg vi zoo.cfg

  13. edit: dataDir=/home/xxx/data cd ../bin ./zkServer.sh start cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-provider/conf vi dubbo.properties

  14. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=zookeeper:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-consumer/conf vi dubbo.properties

  15. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=zookeeper:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-simple-monitor/conf vi dubbo.properties

  16. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=zookeeper:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh “`

  17. Install the redis registry:

    ”`sh cd ~ wget http://redis.googlecode.com/files/redis-2.4.8.tar.gz tar xzf redis-2.4.8.tar.gz cd redis-2.4.8 make nohup ./src/redis-server redis.conf & cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-provider/conf vi dubbo.properties

  18. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=redis:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-demo-consumer/conf vi dubbo.properties

  19. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=redis:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-simple-monitor/conf vi dubbo.properties

  20. edit: dubbo.registry.adddress=redis:// cd ../bin ./restart.sh “`

  21. Install the admin console:

    cd ~/dubbo/dubbo-admin
    mvn jetty:run -Ddubbo.registry.address=zookeeper://
    http://root:[email protected]:8080

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