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Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins

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Plug and play continuous integration with Django and Jenkins


From PyPI::

$ pip install django-jenkins

Or by downloading the source and running::

$ python install

For the latest git version, you need the latest pip installed first::

$ pip install git+
$ pip install -e git+git://

Installation for Python 3::

$ pip install git+
$ pip install hg+
$ pip install coverage
$ # if required
$ pip install pyflakes3k
$ pip install pep8
$ # lettuce and selenium are not yet ported to python 3k

And then, upgrade the pip and install django-jenkins from git as described above.

.. _PyPI:


Add 'django_jenkins' to your INSTALLED_APPS list. Configure Jenkins to run the following command::

$ ./ jenkins

This will create reports/ directory with junit xml, Coverage and Pylint reports.

For more details see the generic tutorial: or tutorial for running django-jenkins on ShiningPanda CI



    If present, it is supposed to be a list/tuple of django apps for Jenkins to run. Tests, reports, and coverage are generated only for the apps from this list. You should specify --all option to ignore this setting.


    List of Jenkins tasks executed by ./ jenkins command.

    Default value::

    JENKINS_TASKS = ( 'django_jenkins.tasks.run_pylint', 'django_jenkins.tasks.with_coverage', 'django_jenkins.tasks.django_tests', )


    The name of the class to use for starting the test suite for jenkins and jtest commands. Class should be inherited from django_jenkins.runner.CITestSuiteRunner

    A runner has been added for people using nose in their project. This runner is using django_nose so you will need to have that installed if you want to use this runner.::



Here is the list of tasks prebuild with django-jenkins

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_pylint

    Runs Pylint_ over selected Django apps.

    Task-specific settings: PYLINT_RCFILE

.. _Pylint:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.with_coverage

    Produces XML coverage report <>__ for Jenkins


  • django_jenkins.tasks.django_tests

    Discovers standard Django test suite from files

  • django_jenkins.tasks.dir_tests

    Discover tests from all test*.py files in app subdirectories

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_jshint

    Runs jshint tools over <app>/static/*/*.js files. Creates Pylint compatible report for Jenkins

    You should have the jshint installed

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_csslint

    Runs CSS lint tools over app/static/*/*.css files. Creates CSS Lint compatible report for Jenkins

    You should have the rhino or nodejs javascript interpreter installed for csslint


.. _rhino: .. _nodejs:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_pep8

    Runs pep8 tool over selected Django apps. Creates Pylint compatible report for Jenkins

    You should have pep8_ python package (>=1.3) installed to run this task.

.. _pep8:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_pyflakes

    Runs Pyflakes tool over selected Django apps. Creates Pylint compatible report for Jenkins.

    You should have Pyflakes_ python package installed to run this task.

.. _Pyflakes:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_flake8

    Runs flake8 tool over selected Django apps. Creates Pylint compatible report for Jenkins.

    You should have flake8_ python package installed to run this task.

.. _flake8:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_sloccount

    Runs SLOCCount_ tool over selected Django apps. Creates sloccount plugin compatible report for Jenkins.

    You should have the SLOCCount program installed to run this task.

.. _SLOCCount:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.run_graphmodels

    Graphs an overview of the models of the selected Django apps. Creates models.png graphic (example <>__).

    You should have django-extensions and pygraphviz installed to run this task.

    Task-specific settings:

    • GRAPH_MODELS: A dictionary of settings for graphmodels, most corresponding to the command-line options (with 'graphmodels\' removed): fail_without_error, disable_fields, group_models, all_applications, outputfile, layout, verbose_names, language, exclude_columns, exclude_models, inheritance

.. _django-extensions: .. _pygraphviz:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.lettuce_tests

    Discover Lettuce tests from app/feature directories.

    You should have the Lettuce_ Python package installed to run this task.

.. _Lettuce:

  • django_jenkins.tasks.with_local_celery

    Replacement for djcelery.tests.runners.CeleryTestSuiteRunner Change settings for run Celery_ tasks locally.

.. _Celery:


0.14.0 2012-12-15

* Python 3 (with django 1.5) support
* JSHint no longer shipped with django-jenkins. Install it with ``npm install jshint -g``

0.13.0 2012-07-15
  • unittest2 compatibility
  • WARNING: Junit test data now stored in one junit.xml file
  • Support for pep8 1.3
  • New in-directory test discovery task
  • Added --liveserver option
  • Fixes in jslint and csslint tasks

0.12.1 2012-03-15

* Added Celery task
* Add nodejs support for jslint and csslint tasks
* Improve js and css files selection
* Bug fixes

0.12.0 2012-01-15
  • Django 1.3 in requirements
  • Windmill support was removed (Django 1.4 has a better implementation)
  • Ignore South migrations by default
  • Added SLOCCount task
  • Added Lettuce testing task
  • Added CSS Lint task
  • Used xml output format for jslint
  • Used native pep8 output format

0.11.1 2010-06-15

* Do not produce file reports for jtest command by default
* Ignore Django apps without file, as in Django test command
* Fix jslint_runner.js packaging
* Fix coverage file filtering

0.11.0 2010-04-15
  • Support pep8, Pyflakes, jslint tools
  • Added jtest command
  • Allow specify custom test runner
  • Various fixes, thnk githubbers :)

0.10.0 2010-02-15

* Pluggable ci tasks refactoring
* Alpha support for windmill tests
* Partial python 2.4 compatibility
* Renamed to django-jenkins

0.9.1 2010-12-15
  • Python 2.5 compatibility
  • Make compatible with latest Pylint only

0.9.0 2010-10-15

* Initial public release

Mikhail Podgurskiy <[email protected]>


* Chris Heisel (
* Andrey Fedoseev (
* Jannis Leidel (
* Luciano Pacheco (
* Julien Lirochon (
* Olivier Girardot (
* Victor Safronovich (
* Bradley Ayers (
* Jonas Obrist (
* John Paulett (
* Michael Ellingen (
* Domen Kožar (
* Simon Panay (
* Tom Mortimer-Jones (
* Philip Kimmey (
* Peter Baumgartner (
* Kris Kumler (

Special thanks, for all github forks authors not listed here 
for for project extensions ideas and problem identifications.

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