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An AngularJS wrapper for google-diff-match-patch


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This library is simply a wrapper around google-diff-match-patch.


(Shown here with some custom styles)


Install from NPM

npm install amweiss/angular-diff-match-patch

Install from Bower

bower install angular-diff-match-patch


See the included demo for reference or view a sample on Codepen.

<pre line-diff left-obj="left" right-obj="right"></pre>

Where left and right are defined on your scope. The options attribute can be used as well, but it’s optional.

$scope.options = {
  editCost: 4,
  attrs: {
    insert: {
      'data-attr': 'insert',
      'class': 'insertion'
    delete: {
      'data-attr': 'delete'
    equal: {
      'data-attr': 'equal'

editCost is specific to processingDiff and controls the tolerence for hunk separation. attrs can contain any/all/none of the following: insert, delete, and equal where the properties in those objects represent attributes that get added to the tags.

Add some style

  color: gray;

  color: black;
  background: #bbffbb;

  color: black;
  background: #ffbbbb;


Development work requires npm from Node.js

Begin with:

npm install

Then you can use:

npm start To host the directory so you can see the demo

npm test To run the Jasmine tests once

npm test-watch To run the Jasmine tests with change detection

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