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Laravel 4 Bootstrap using Confide for user management, Ardent for advanced validation and PowerPack for Str helpers.

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Laravel 4 Starter Site - Same modules, plus a few more.

Laravel 4 Bootstrap - Laravel skeleton app with twitter bootstrap.

Laravel 4 - Bootstrap Empowered Application (Stable)

This is a Laravel 4 Bootstrap Application. It is a fork off of andrew13/Laravel-4-Bootstrap which includes Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0 and it comes as an example application to help you get started. This Empowered version adds 3 additional items for improved development speed.

Laravel-4-Bootstrap-Empowered contains Laravel 4 composer modules:


PHP >= 5.4.0 (Confide requires 5.4, this is an increase over Laravel's 5.3.7 requirement)
MCrypt PHP Extension

How to install

git clone git:// laravel
cd laravel
curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

You might want to make composer as an alias for future ease of use.


Now that you have the Laravel 4 installed, you need to create a database for it and update the file app/config/database.php

Set the address and name from the from array in config/mail.php. Those will be used to send account confirmation and password reset emails to the users. If you don't set that registration will fail because it cannot send the confirmation email.

After that, run these commands to create and populate Users table:

php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

Make sure app/storage is writable by your web server.

If permissions are set correctly:

chmod -R 775 app/storage

Should work, if not try

chmod -R 777 app/storage

Start Page

Navigate to your Laravel 4 website and try to login with the default credentials:

email : [email protected]
password : test

Create a new user at /account/register

Confide Authentication Solution

Used for the user auth and registration. In general for user controllers you'll want to use something like the following:


use Zizaco\Confide\ConfideUser;

class User extends ConfideUser {


For full usage see Zizaco/Confide Documentation

Ardent - Used for handling repetitive validation tasks.

Self-validating, secure and smart models for Laravel 4's Eloquent ORM

For full usage see Ardent Documentation

Laravel 4 PowerPack

Adds string helper classes from Laravel 3 to Laravel 4.

laravel4-powerpack contains Laravel 4 ports of the following helper classes:

For full usage see PowerPack Documentation


This is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license

Aditional information

Fork of a fork of code that was originally created by brunogaspar

Any questions, feel free to contact me.

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