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Calendar-generating plugin for Ruby


A simple helper for creating an HTML calendar. The “calendar” method will be automatically available to your view templates.

There is also a Rails generator that copies some stylesheets for use alone or alongside existing stylesheets.


# Simple calendar(:year => 2005, :month => 6)

# Set table class calendar({:year => 2005, :month => 6, :table_class => “calendar_helper”})

# Full featured calendar(:year => 2005, :month => 5) do |d| # This generates a simple calendar, but gives special days if listOfSpecialDays.include?(d) # (days that are in the array listOfSpecialDays) one CSS class, [d.mday, {:class => “specialDay”}] # “specialDay”, and gives the rest of the days another CSS class, else # “normalDay”. You can also use this highlight today differently [d.mday, {:class => “normalDay”}] # from the rest of the days, etc. end end

If using with ERb (Rails), put in a printing tag.

<%= calendar(:year => @year, :month => @month, :first_day_of_week => 1) do |d| render_calendar_cell(d) end %>

With Haml, use a helper to set options for each cell.

= calendar(:year => @year, :month => @month, :first_day_of_week => 1) do |d| - render_calendar_cell(d)


Jeremy Voorhis – Original implementation

Geoffrey Grosenbach – Test suite and conversion to a Rails plugin



See the RDoc (or use “rake rdoc”).

To copy the CSS files, use

./script/generate calendar_styles

CSS will be copied to subdirectories of public/stylesheets/calendar.

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