Pellet is an OWL 2 reasoner in Java; open source (AGPL) and commercially licensed, commercial support available.

Pellet: An Open Source OWL DL reasoner for Java ———————————————– Pellet is the OWL 2 DL reasoner: * open source (AGPL) or commercial license * pure Java * developed and commercially supported by Clark & Parsia LLC. Pellet can be used with Jena or OWL-API libraries. Pellet provides functionality to check consistency of ontologies, compute the classification hierarchy, explain inferences, and answer SPARQL queries. Pellet 3.0, a closed source, next-gen version of Pellet, is embedded and available in Stardog, the RDF database. Feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests if you want to see changes, new features, etc. in Pellet. Documentation about how to use Pellet is in the doc/ directory and there are some code samples in the examples/ directory. Commercial support for Pellet is available. The Pellet FAQ answers some frequently asked questions. There is a pellet-users mailing list for questions and feedback. You can search pellet-users archives. Bug reports and enhancement requests should be sent to the mailing list. Before raising an issue, please search the Pellet Issue Tracker. Issues going forward are on Github. Thanks for using Pellet.